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Why IWC?

IWC’s goal is to help leaders prioritize their people related actions to create a truly inspiring place to work. IWC uses its unique methodology – COMPASS – to guide leaders on where to focus their effort to be certain of reaping the rewards that come from creating a PeopleFirst organization.

To help leaders prioritize decisions and ensure clarity about where to invest, IWC has created two powerful tools:

  • PeopleFirst Diagnostic & Matrix

Established in 2015, The Inspiring Workplaces Group’s (IWG) purpose is to transform the world by inspiring and supporting organizations that put their people first.

To date, IWG has primarily done that through The Inspiring Workplaces Awards – now the World’s #1 non-survey-based awards, Recognizing PeopleFirst Organizations. Now we want to help organisations directly via our new IWC division.

The value our approach contributes to your organization


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  • It’s not an employee survey – you will have those running with suppliers like Culture Amp, WorkDay etc. It’s a prioritization and decision support tool – that enables you to get a better ROI from your people-related actions

  • Be certain that you will spend time and money in places that will deliver a positive return on investment for both the business and your people.

  • Avoid waste by understanding which people-related issues simply won’t deliver the right ROI

  • See where there is a greater need for alignment between leaders, managers and employees.

  • Have clarity about the steps to take to become truly PeopleFirst

  • We provide you with a framework to follow based on our COMPASS methodology, that enables you to focus on the areas of greatest need.

  • It enables you to decide where to invest to reap the rewards of being PeopleFirst –  and where to divest too!

  • We facilitate the involvement of your people in identifying the best way to turn your decisions into collective action.

What’s the reality behind the organization’s score?

  • Does your leadership see things differently to the rest of the organization?
  • We’ll show you if everyone shares the same belief and desire to belong


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Are your people on the same journey as you?

  • There’s no point them believing in the organization if you don’t make them feel like they belong!
  • We’ll show you which of the six COMPASS areas to focus on to become a truly high-performing team


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The six components of an Inspiring Workplace

  • No matter where an organisation is on its journey to creating a PeopleFirst organization, our unique methodology, COMPASS will identify the most effective steps to achieving that destination with greater certainty and speed.
  • COMPASS is built on six pillars that we have identified as being fundamental to creating the kind of employee experience that defines an inspiring workplace.
  • It will help guide your actions to create a holistic employee experience that is the hallmark of an ‘inspiring workplace’.
  • COMPASS will ensure that every facet of an employee’s life at work underpins both personal and organizational success.

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Find out more information on our approach and how it can benefit your organization


The InspireLab: Building human connections in a hybrid world

To establish a PeopleFirst organization it’s imperative to delve into the authentic beliefs of the leadership team (and beyond) and their emotional motivators. Within the Inspire Lab session, we have created a dynamic in-person training format, The Inspire Ring. This format that helps put the people at the heart of the session, cultivate belief and fosters belonging between individuals. Driving very real and deep connections.

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The value of an Inspire:Lab session



  • Participants will attain a comprehensive understanding of the individuals they collaborate with, the advantages of inspiration, and the emotional triggers that foster high-performing teams

  • Leave with newfound clarity regarding their personal beliefs and how they align with the organization’s purpose

  • They will gain insights into behaviours that inspire them and others who share their convictions. Connecting these behaviours with the company’s core values and the potential for value-enhancing updates

  • Lastly, they will acquire a collection of inspirational narratives to be disseminated by leaders within their respective teams.

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