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Welcome to IW Consulting

By starting out in 2015 to create a company that provided recognition to organisations trying to create inspiring places to work, we’ve created a global movement that is changing the world by transforming the way organisations work.

As more organisations recognise the need to create shared belief and a strong sense of belonging, we knew we could have a direct impact to help accelerate organisations on their journey to create Peoplefirst organisations. So in May 2023 we launched IW Consulting.

Why engage with IW Consulting?


  • Win the battle for talent

    Create powerful reasons for the best people to stay and join

  • Enhanced business performance

    Bain has identified inspired people are more than twice as productive as those who are satisfied

  • Innovation that pays off

    Evolve your business by involving your people in its new direction

  • Achieve your purpose

    Help every person believe in the purpose and contribute to delivering it

  • Lead the market

    By working as one you’ll go further than your competition

  • Build the trust of all stakeholders


Our PEOPLEFIRST MATRIX will help you to create an organisation full of belief and belonging by identifying where you are on your journey to that goal. It draws on the collective learning of the last nine years identifying, and working with, the world’s most inspiring places to work. This has been captured in a powerful methodology we call COMPASS. Our consulting team will use COMPASS to help you identify the most effective route to reach your destination with greater certainty and speed.

If you’d like to understand how you can increase the belief and belonging of your people, request a call now.

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Inspiring Workplaces
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Guiding you with our COMPASS methodology

COMPASS is built on six pillars that we have identified as being fundamental to creating the kind of employee experience that defines an inspiring workplace.

It will help guide your actions, we will help you to create a holistic employee experience that is the hallmark of an ‘inspiring workplace’.

COMPASS will ensure that every facet of an employee’s life at work underpins both personal and organisational success.

  • Purpose & culture

  • Leadership & communication

  • Employee Voice

  • Inclusion & Community

  • Wellbeing

  • Society & Sustainability

Unrivalled insight
from the
Top Inspiring Workplaces

Since 2015, The Inspiring Workplaces Awards recognizes and celebrates organizations that have created exceptional peoplefirst workplaces. The awards aim to honour those that have created a positive and inspiring work culture for their people – where they feel like belong, resulting in increased engagement, productivity, and overall success.

The awards are open to organizations of  from all over the world, all sizes and industries. In that time have been learning from the thousands of case studies based entries. Ranging from the very best and worst employee experiences.

That unique and anonymous insight is invaluable.

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Our IWC team

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    Founder & CEO, Inspiring Workplaces Group

  • Crispin Manners



  • Aimee O Leary


  • Marta Muir


  • Juliet Manners

    HR Specialist

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