About Us

At Inspiring Workplaces™, we want to change the world through the world of work. We want to do this with you, as a movement of changemakers called, Inspirers.

Inspiring Workplaces™  is the creation of bringing two global businesses together. The Employee Engagement Alliance and The Employee Engagement Awards.

Whilst we still deeply believe in the positive impact of driving the Employee Experience to drive Engagement, we believe there has been a convergence of buzzwords. Whether engagement, experience, culture, purpose, wellbeing, diversity… they all ultimately lead to an inclusive & psychologically safe culture that allows people to bring their true selves to work, be inspired by the purpose of the business and the people they work alongside. Giving them the freedom to develop and perform at their best. Transforming organizations and the lives within them.


How we will do it


Inspiring people


Inspiring workplaces

Global mission

Driven by our community of  ‘inspirers’


Inspiring stories via events, case studies, podcasts, videos


Thought leading content that inspires, innovates and instructs


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