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Aimee O'Leary

Michelle Malloy, Senior Program Manager for Strategy, Business Improvement and Change Management Program Services, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

I am convinced that ‘Courage’ is Michelle’s middle name. Back in 2013, Michelle launched the change management initiative, including the ‘Change Agent Network’ which initially had 20 collateral-duty change agents. And, that evolved to include over 100 agents! Our vision is to ensure that 100 percent of our managers and supervisors are assigned to a change agent who can support them as they manage the change that is impacting them and their employees. This is in support of one of our overall goals at CDOT: ensuring that each and every member of Team CDOT will be successful with each and every change that impacts them. Time and time again, the change management initiative has faced opposition within the organization, including from some senior managers, and time and time again Michelle shows courage and humanity in standing firm and helps those people understand the importance of change management.

Michelle’s ‘can do’ attitude is an inspiration to everyone who works with her, including me. I rely on Michelle to point out the good things and the not-so-good things, and help all of us at CDOT make progress towards our key goals of engaging everyone in improving our business, and to help ensure that each and every person is successful with each and every change that impacts them.


“Michelle is definitely one of those people whom I greatly depend upon. She has an outstanding work ethic and has distinguished herself as a leader on our team. Michelle is a collaborative team player and readily builds the kind of relationships that are crucial to our operations. Michelle’s ability to ‘herd cats’ and drive results in a human, compassion, and humble way continues to inspire me.”

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