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As many businesses have moved to remote working and colleagues are plonked virtually into each others homes, we are starting to see a more human side to the people we work with. Although this is great for building relationships, virtual meetings have their downsides too. While people have become more accustomed to pets, children, and the postman making unexpected cameos, there are some mistakes you may be making that are frustrating the people you are talking to and undermine your presence.

In this article Avery Blank outlines 3 things you’re doing on zoom that are killing your leadership presence.

From the Article: 

1.     You are experiencing technical problems.

Test. Test. Test. When it comes to technology, try to check how the program runs before you need it. Check that you have properly downloaded the software. Check that your video and microphone work. Look over the options and tools that can enhance the call before you get on.

Technical difficulties frustrate people. And regardless of whether they are your fault or not, it can be difficult for people to disassociate you from the difficulties. Namely, people will be frustrated with you. Take a little extra time before the Zoom call to test your technology and ensure a smooth meeting.

2.     You are talking over people.

One technical problem you may experience is slow internet speed or lag time. That is, it may take longer for someone else’s comments to transmit and be heard. If you notice this, try to resist the urge to start talking immediately after you think the other person has finished their thought. You could also acknowledge the lag time and suggest to participants that they say something to indicate they have finished their thought so that others know when they can chime in.

Get the full article online: 3 Things You’re Doing On Zoom That Are Killing Your Leadership Presence.

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