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Date posted: 28th June 2023

28th June 2023

Supporting LGBTQ+ Colleagues Beyond Pride Month

Supporting LGBTQ+ Colleagues Beyond Pride Month

In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride month, it is crucial to support and promote equality for LGBTQ+ workers in the workplace – not just this June, but most importantly beyond. A recent poll highlights the existing gap between LGBTQ+ worker presence and their coworkers’ knowledge of their existence. To create a more inclusive environment, individuals and employers should educate themselves about LGBTQ+ issues, raise awareness about Pride month, avoid assumptions, lead by example, address offensive behavior, update employee handbooks to include anti-discrimination policies, promote welcoming signs and anti-harassment measures, advocate for all-gender restrooms, and provide inclusive family leave policies and healthcare benefits.

From the original article written by Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. and published in Forbes:

June is LGBTQ+ Pride month, a time to commemorate The Stonewall riots in June 1969. While some political leaders call the rioters outrageous, recently President Joe Biden called them courageous, encouraging supporters to stand up to the bullies. June 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s signing of the Executive Order Advancing Equality for LGBTQI+ Individuals, and welcoming LGBTQI+ families, advocates, elected officials and leaders to the White House for a reception.

The White House Executive Order built on the historic progress Biden has made for LGBTQI+ people by including the following:

  • Addressing discriminatory legislative attacks against LGBTQ+ children and families, directing key agencies to protect families and children
  • Preventing so-called “conversion therapy” with a historic initiative to protect children from the harmful practice
    Safeguarding health care, and programs designed to prevent youth suicide
  • Supporting LGBTQI+ children and families by launching a new initiative to protect foster youth, prevent homelessness and improve access to federal programs
  • Taking new, additional steps to advance LGBTQI+ equality

The State Of LGBTQ+ Equality In The Workplace

Since President Biden took this historic step, a new poll shows that there is a clear disconnect between LGBTQ+ worker presence and their coworkers’ knowledge of their existence. In honor of Pride month, Monster polled American workers to get their perspectives on navigating gender and identity in the workforce. The survey reported that one in three (34%) of workers self-identify as LGBTQ or a member of the queer community, while the majority (55%) of workers estimate their workforce’s percentage of LGBTQ employees to be fewer than two percent. LGBTQ and straight/cisgender employees have varying levels of comfort disclosing gender identity and sexuality within their employment. Other key findings include:

  • 45% of straight workers say their colleagues know their sexuality, while only 19% of LGTBQ+ workers say the same.
  • 24% of straight/cisgender workers are comfortable sharing their sexual orientation or gender identity during the job application process, while only 13% of LGTBQ+ workers say the same.

In terms of inclusion and support for queer employees, the poll found that workplaces have far to go:

  • 76% of workers say that their employer does not offer an employee resource or support group for LGBTQ+ employees.
  • 79% are never asked their pronouns when first meeting coworkers.
  • 9% identifying as LGBTQ+ are “out” in their personal life, but not at work.

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