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Date posted: 22nd July 2020

22nd July 2020

Potential employees want transparent company values

Potential employees want transparent company values

The race for talent still rages on and the needs and wants for the best prospects have changed considerably in the past few years.

Research from the Hinge Research Institute shows that employees strongly consider culture when making a job choice.

From the Article:

According to Hinge Research Institute’s newly released Employer Branding Study (https://info.hingemarketing.com/EBSPR), 57% of job seekers across all career levels consider culture as important as pay when evaluating job prospects. Corroborating culture’s importance, cultural fit edged out work history and experience among 75% of recruiters. The study was conducted as businesses around the world grappled with the past four months’ health, economic, and political crises.

“In today’s crisis environment, potential hires are taking a hard look at whether prospective employers’ values are aligned with theirs, while recruiters are putting a premium on maintaining a healthy workplace culture,” says Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner of Hinge Research Institute. “Companies should pay as much attention to their employer brand as they do to their financials. Their reputation as a workplace is crucial to attract and keep the people they need to deliver on their brand promise and get through any disruption.”

You can read the article in full online: 6 out of 10 of Today’s Job Seekers Want a Company That Shares Their Values–7 Out of 10 Recruiters Agree

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