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Date posted: 21st July 2020

21st July 2020

On Demand Video: Employee Engagement 2.0 | Keith Hatter

On Demand Video: Employee Engagement 2.0 | Keith Hatter

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Today marked day 12 of our month-long Summer Series: 25 minute daily talks all throughout July. This session features Keith Hatter, Founder, Planet K2. His talk underpins Engagement 2.0 –  the future of the engagement.

The current approach to engagement is flawed, ineffective and a waste of money.

The data is clear, enormous quantities of shareholder funds and resources have been spent on engagement and the needle has barely moved. In the last 10 years its moved less than 5%. According to Keith, If change is not made, engagement in it’s current form will become redundant.

For motivation and engagement to be high humans need and want 3 things:

  • a strong sense of choice
  • a strong sense of competence
  • to know that we are part of something bigger that matters more than just the individual

Watch Keiths talk to understand how to deliver these needs and focus on the things that matter.

To view the on-demand video of

On Demand Video: Employee Engagement 2.0 | Keith Hatter

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