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Date posted: 11th November 2020

11th November 2020

Inspiring your people in a changing world – Remote working: Disruption is coming

Inspiring your people in a changing world – Remote working: Disruption is coming

The pandemic has proven that many roles can be done remotely.

But how do companies deal with permanent remote working requests and balancing this with some office-based roles? I’ve seen some LinkedIn posts like “should I pay staff working 100% remote less than those doing same jobs in the office, because they don’t have travel costs etc”? I’d argue, discrimination laws aside, big risks about creating two team culture, focused on presenteeism rather than outputs etc, but complex when you consider things like London weightings. And if the market ultimately sets the rate, more competition from a wider talent pool = more applicants for a remote role which could push down salaries South East / London firms offer.

In the long term, will this also lead to a second wave of offshoring white-collar roles, similar to what happened with manufacturing when the EU was expanded? Why pay a “good” graphic designer in London £40k, if you can find someone “exceptional” in Krakow for £25k, both working remotely? Just in our company, we’re now creating our first 100% remote, anywhere in UK / EU role – my Board wouldn’t have signed this off six months ago. If tens of thousands of companies have a similar view, there’s a lot of disruption coming this next decade.

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