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Date posted: 26th September 2022

26th September 2022

5 More Tips for Workplace Sustainability

5 More Tips for Workplace Sustainability

A recent Guusto survey, shared by Inspiring Workplaces, found that as many as a third of UK Businesses admit that environmental sustainability is not a current priority.

But in contrast, a recent study of employees by BusinessWaste reveals that:

  • 67% of employees demand sustainable action from their employers
  • 84% feel that their employers are not doing enough
  • And nearly half (48%) would take a pay cut to work for a more environmentally responsible organization.

So, how can organizations become more environmentally responsible?

What can they do to ensure the needs of their people are met?

And how can they utilise sustainability policies to attract future talent and avoid attrition as workplace attitudes towards the environment continue to shift?

They can start here, with 5 tips for workplace sustainability from HR news.

From the article:

Tips for creating a more sustainable workplace

Waste management experts at Businesswaste.co.uk reveal 5 ways businesses can become more environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Simplify the way you recycle your waste

While many businesses already have processes in place for recycling paper materials, often these systems are less than ideal; making them extra work for everyone involved. Working with an external recycling company that offers in-house bins is just one solution to make recycling paper effortless.

Switch out your light bulbs

Not only do fluorescent lights use more electricity, but they can also actually have an adverse effect on staff as a whole – from migraines to tiredness over time. Opt for energy-efficient and more suitable alternatives such as LEDs, and you’ll have happier staff and a greener office in no time.

Ditch the plastic

Are you using disposable cups for water coolers or coffee machines? Switch out that plastic for biodegradable materials, such as products made for bamboo, to instantly reduce that environmental footprint and set better standards for plastic use.

Introduce walking or cycling schemes

Is your office in an easy to reach location? Offering benefits for staff that walk or cycle can be the perfect method to reduce car use in and around your business, as well as improving the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Make your business paperless

Still using paper for anything from signoffs to staff handbooks. Ditch the physical copies and opt for digital. Making your office paperless can be as easy as switching that pen and paper for a laptop or tablet, and you’ll soon find your environmental footprint reducing.

Mark Hall, co-founder of BusinessWaste.co.uk, which commissioned the research “It’s great to see so many UK workers urging their workplace to look after the environment and improve sustainable practices. It’s clear that being sustainable is something that is demanded from UK workers. Hopefully our tips will help organisations to create a more sustainable workplace.”

Read the full article, here.

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