We want to change the world with YOU, through the world of work… One workplace, city and community at a time.

With live events where you will listen and are inspired by motivating storytellers, we help each other grow and ignite ideas to make that change and positive difference possible.

So, do we make this change by meeting virtually or IRL today?

We really want to meet eye to eye and not screen to screen, to get that oxytocin flowing, inspire each other and connecting on a deeper level.
So, the event on 11th of November will NOT be a virtual event. We will follow all the current guidelines suggested.
Should the circumstances prevent us from meeting eye to eye, we will postpone the event and you will keep your seat until then or you will be able to get full refund if you prefer that. Our goal is to create an inspiring and safe event for all!

Come and join this inspiring global movement — just what we need after getting through this trying time!

Inspire:Stockholm is bringing inspiring events to you that are great for learning, inspiration, and networking!

Why Inspiring:Stockholm?

– Join a Global movement where stories are shared globally
– To network, inspire and learn from each other to create a better workplace and collectively, a better world!


– Cities all over the planet are also hosting these events for the inspiration to be shared
– Human centered events for an intimate audience to help create people-first cultures
– Purpose is to connect with likeminded professionals, learn, and affect change in your sphere of influence


– No decks, presentations, slides, or handouts – simply inspiring stories shared
– Seated in an actual ring – think “spreading rings on the water” where everyone is equal, included, and that provides an intimate and energetic learning environment.
4 storytellers share their valuable experiences followed by discussions in the The Inspire Ringwith networking on different themes afterwards


Any business owner, manager or professional
– Desire to improve your workplace and its performance.
– HR, Sales, Marketing, D&I, etc. etc.
– YOU have a home in this community as long as you want to inspire positive change in the world

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Chief Inspiration Officers

Chief Joy Bringer, CEO

Karin Volo
Chief Joy Bringer, CEO

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