June 22, 2022

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We’re Back!

We are so excited to bring back our face-to-face conferences after an enforced three year hiatus.

What was The Employee Engagement Conference will now be known as, The Inspire Work Summit.

We still believe people and their stories are the biggest source of inspiration. You will leave the Summit inspired and informed with knowledge to take back into your own workplace.

Bringing together all the learnings, innovations and expertise from some of the most Inspiring Workplaces across North America, topped with the latest insights from leading thought leaders and experts in the field of employee experience, HR, employee wellbeing, future of work and diversity and inclusion.

We will have a few surprises and exciting formats thrown in too.

Our Partners

Benefits of attending

Learn from leading Inspiring Workplaces

Garner new ideas in an ever changing world of work

Meet new people in person after years of Zoom calls

Continue those new relationships online via the Inspiring Workplaces community

Meet vendors that can help accelerate your people strategy

Quite simply, this will be one of the best events of the year.

We have had three years to plan it!

What do our attendees say?

10/10 – Great opportunity to hear different view points on a complex topic, and good place to network

“10/10 – The calibre of speakers was outstanding”

“9/10 – A good selection of speakers from organisations to practitioners to academics providing a rich variety of research, experience and practical application”

“10/10 – The event was above and beyond what I was expecting. I learned a lot and met some really great people”

“10/10 – The attendees were quality senior leaders not the typical junior level staff you find at some conferences. A really well organised event!”

“10/10 – Everyone was so nice! I also really appreciated  the number of breaks and networking opportunities throughout the day”

“9/10 – Whether you are an award winner or not, the seminars were inspirational”

“10/10 – I feel like I finally found a community”

Topics covered


Ruth Dance
Managing Director, Academy
Inspiring Workplaces

Garry Lace
Managing Partner
STM Group


David P. Kasperson
Co-Author, Trust & Inspire, Director of Speed of Trust Speaking & Business Development
Franklin Covey

Cecilia Tse
Well-being Strategy Leader
PwC US & Mexico

Dr Kenya Beard
Associate Provost
Chamberlain University

Mike Winters
Vice President – Process Design Manager
Bank of America

Steph Ryter
Creative Culture Leader

Robin Washington
Global Vice President of Organizational Development
Keypath Education

Dr Jack Wiley
Author, Organizational Psychologist and Chief Scientific Officer

Anne Fulton
Founder and CEO

Lance Haun
VP Market Insights
The Starr Conspiracy

Duke Daehling
VP Government 

Mike Lamm
VP & Head of People

Bill Staikos
Senior Vice President, Evangelist & Head of Community Engagement

Holly Tate
SVP of Growth


We are currently confirming our line ups and synopsis, but here is what to expect from the summit so far.






Expert Talk | Trust & Inspire

David P. Kasperson | Co-Author, Trust & Inspire, Director of Speed of Trust Speaking & Business Development |  Franklin Covey

The two most critical jobs-to-be-done for organizations today are to win in the workplace and to win in the marketplace.

As we consider the people we lead, the natural question that follows is, how big is the gap between performance and potential?

The vast majority of the workforce today possess far more talent, creativity, ingenuity, intelligence, and ability than their present jobs require, or even allow them to contribute. The fact is, most organizations are over-managed and under-led.

The traditional Command & Control style of leadership that is prevalent, to some degree, in 92% of organizations today, is incapable of inspiring the level of commitment, innovation, collaboration, belonging, loyalty and performance needed to deliver on the two critical jobs-to-be-done in today’s ever-changing, disruptive world.

The antidote to Command & Control, simply put, is Trust & Inspire.

A Trust & Inspire leader models authentic, inclusive behavior with humility and courage. They’re not only trustworthy, they’re trusting, and their people deliver on that trust. They inspire others to willingly give their hearts and minds, not just to work, but to contribute meaningfully to something that matters. People don’t just want to be motivated, they want to be inspired. Contrary to what most people believe, inspiring others is a learnable skill.


Case Study | The Academy at Bank of America – Measuring the Employee Experience through Teammate Voices

Mike Winters | Vice President – Process Design Manager | Bank of America

Your people are your most important asset, and it’s more important than ever to meet the needs of employees, continue engaging with them and understanding their sentiment.

During this session, Mike Winters will provide an inside look into how Bank of America’s award-winning onboarding, education and professional development organization, The Academy, launched a dynamic platform to drive accountability and continuous improvement by gathering teammate feedback on their learning program experiences. One of the most important things businesses can do to inform training and development strategies for the future is listen to their employees. The Academy serves more than 200,000 employees, so we’re constantly learning from our teammates so we can continue to get better.

Teammate Voices connects the employee experience to customer experience, creating a common framework for business partners and leaders to assess and create meaningful program changes based on teammate feedback.


Coffee Break


Inspiring Talk

Work Vivo


Creating a Culture of Healthy Feedback

Holly Tate | SVP of Growth | Leadr

According to Gallup, only 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them do better work. Why is that? Because many organizations don’t provide enough feedback or they provide feedback in unproductive ways.

Holly will share how to lead effective feedback conversations, create feedback loops through your organization, and cultivate a healthy culture where every team member is engaged and growing.


The Fuel50 “Fuellie” story

Anne Fulton | Founder and CEO | Fuel50




Case Study | Inspiring Culture

Steph Ryter | Creative Culture Leader | Arity


Case Study | Inspiring Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Kenya Beard | Associate Provost | Adtalem Global Education


The Reverse Mullet: Why It’s Time to Put Employee Experience First

Lance Haun | VP Market Insights | The Starr Conspiracy

Business in the front, party in the back. That’s how mullets — and corporations — have worked for decades. While company interests ruled decision making, employee and customer experience were always chasing second place. The party was always in the back. Instead of being led by profit and shareholder value, organizations need to reverse the approach. In this session, Lance will cover:
  • The shifting tides in the market that have left organizations susceptible to disruption
  • How prioritization inside organizations needs to shift to focus primarily on the employee experience
  • Why even shareholders get value when they focus on meeting the needs of employees first


Coffee Break


Inspiring comms from brands we love

The world of work is changing rapidly, resulting in small teams of communicators struggling to keep pace with employee engagement best practices and new developments in workplace technologies.

This exclusive talk with Interact will guide you through some of the best intranet and internal comms projects in the past 12 months, including Domino’s, Indeed.com and more. 

The talk will show you how the tactics employed by a diverse range of organisations can help you to consistently deliver engaging communications that resonate with your teams. You’ll walk away with insights on:

  • Who generated winning DE&I strategies
  • What creative handling of crisis comms looks like
  • How leading intranet innovations help communicators
  • Offline worker strategies that connected every employee


Creating a sense of belonging with meaningful workspaces for global employees

Robin Washington | Global Vice President of Organizational Development | Keypath Education


Inspiring Talk

Bill Staikos | Senior Vice President, Evangelist & Head of Community Engagement | Medallia




Panel Discussion | How to make wellbeing a strategic imperative

Duke Daehling | VP Government | BetterUp

Dr Jack Wiley | Author and Chief Scientific Officer | Engage2Excel

Cecilia Tse | Well-being Strategy Leader | PwC US & Mexico

Mike Lamm | VP & Head of People | monday.com

In this panel session, Duke Daehling, Dr Jack Wiley, Cecilia Tse, Mike Lamm will be discussing how organisations can build well-being as a strategic priority.

Why does well-being need to be a strategic priority?
How do you build a culture with well-being at the heart of it?
And why are leaders so important to this process?

Join us for what promises to be a fitting way to close out the summit.


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