At Inspiring Workplaces, we want to change the world through the world of work.

We believe in this mission wholeheartedly. So we are putting our money where our mouth is and diverting a percentage of our profits into building the Inspiring Workplaces Foundation.

By supporting us, you will be creating future leaders in the world of work.

IW Foundation Mission

Quite simply, we want to help create psychologically safe workplaces. Where the individual can bring their true self to work without fear and the organization benefits from the freedom of those ideas and expression that derive from it.

We think the best way to do this is to help create the leaders of tomorrow whilst improving our current leaders of today. Helping those who don’t know the right people, need advice, support or just the opportunity to be able show what they’re capable of.

How will it work

We will be creating a reversing mentoring scheme. Securing professionals in leadership positions around the world to volunteer their time to be a mentor to those from less privileged parts of society.

However, we want these mentors to be open to being mentored themselves in reverse. To become better more inclusive leaders in the process.

Want to get involved?

Whether a mentor or mentee, we’d love to hear from you.