How do we empower our managers with so much change and uncertainty? Join this Academy session to find out how to lead in a non-contact world.



Inspiring Managers in a new world | Empowering your people in challenging times

  • October 15 GMT
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Date: Thursday 15th October 4pm to 5.30pm GMT

With so much change and uncertainty surrounding us. How do we empower our managers to manage inspiring people, lead inspiring teams and create inspiring work?

This session is perfect for – 

  • Anyone in a managerial role

We will explore –

  • What does a manager look like in 2020 and beyond 
  • How to lead in a non-contact world 
  • Adaptable management
  • How to inspire motivation from afar 
  • Managing anxieties  
  • Alternative communication styles

The benefits from attending are – 

  • Understand how your role as a manager has changed 
  • Identify any new barriers you may be facing and how to tackle them 
  • Own your leadership ‘shadow’ and understand it’s impact 
  • Inspire and motivate your team and instill confidence in an uncertain time

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