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Date posted: 03rd July 2024

03rd July 2024

Embrace the Art of Self-Promotion: Highlight Your Achievements with Confidence

Embrace the Art of Self-Promotion: Highlight Your Achievements with Confidence

To effectively promote your work accomplishments without feeling uncomfortable, follow these five tips: share creative problem-solving methods, highlight improved customer outcomes, provide timely insights, update on positive progress, and emphasize key discoveries or learning moments. These strategies showcase your achievements in a way that benefits both you and your team, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

This article was written by Selena Rezvani and published in MSNBC.

We’ve all experienced that hesitation to speak up about our accomplishments, fearing we might come across as boastful or self-serving.

The Mindset Shift That Affirms Your Belonging in Any Workplace

Case in Point: Jessica’s Story

Jessica, a software engineer at a mid-sized tech company, was one of my coaching clients. She worked tirelessly on a project to improve the company’s internal tool for managing customer feedback. After weeks of research and development, Jessica created a new feature that significantly streamlined the feedback process, saving time and reducing errors. Despite the positive reception, Jessica hesitated to promote her achievement. She worried that talking about her work might seem like bragging and didn’t want to overshadow her teammates. So, she quietly integrated the feature and moved on to her next task.

The Missed Opportunity

Jessica’s reluctance to self-promote meant her team and supervisors were unaware of the full impact of her contribution. The new feature could have been a model for other projects, and her innovative approach might have earned her recognition, promotions, bonuses, and more. Sharing her success could have also inspired her colleagues and fostered a culture of innovation within the team.

Overcoming the Reluctance to Self-Promote

If, like Jessica, you’re missing opportunities to promote your accomplishments, here are some tips to help you do it effectively without feeling uncomfortable:

  1. Share Creative Problem-Solving – When you’ve found a unique way to solve a problem, it’s worth sharing. For instance, you might say, “I’m excited that we figured out a way around X problem. By doing A and B, we improved the outcome of C.”This approach highlights your creativity and demonstrates your problem-solving skills. Creative problem-solving is highly valued in any field. By sharing how you approached a difficult challenge and found a successful solution, you provide others with a model for thinking outside the box. Emphasize the process and teamwork involved, rather than just the outcome, to show that you value collaboration and are focused on contributing to the team’s success. By shifting your mindset and embracing self-promotion, you can affirm your belonging in any workplace. Sharing your accomplishments not only helps you gain recognition but also inspires innovation and fosters a collaborative culture within your team. Remember, promoting your achievements is not about bragging; it’s about highlighting your contributions and encouraging others to strive for excellence.

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