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Inspire:Belgium brings together a community of business leaders, hr professionals, and decision-makers from governmental bodies around the central theme “how can we inspire people in and through the workplace“. Work is important because it provides us with a sense of meaning, income, social relations, learning. The workplace is the platform that enables us to thrive.

Belgium is not a city, it’s a small country. But we’re in the middle of Europe and we think we can lead the way by building workplaces that satisfy the needs of all stakeholders. And that is what inspiring workplaces do.

So join us and become part of the Belgian chapter of Inspiring Workplaces.

Creating inclusive cultures
We are preparing our first event after the Summer. All cities/countries will focus on one theme: how to create inclusive cultures.

Inclusion is about removing any barrier that excludes groups of people from entering an organization and feeling like they belong, based on irrelevant criteria. Inclusion leads to diversity but in the end, it’s all about fairness. And inspiring workplaces are fair.

Please join us next November 6th 2021 for the first event of Inspire:Belgium in Bruges.

Inclusion is about Fairness


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