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The global pandemic upended everything and caused us to question all that we thought we knew, not only about our lives but about our livelihoods, as well. Changes that used to take months, even years, came fast and furious, often times by the day and, sometimes, by the hour.

And yet, with all of the changes that came our way as we fought the good fight to flex and shift and keep up, some things remained the same. You could even say those things grew stronger under the pressure of our new workplace reality.

Corporate culture; employee experience; fairness, equity and inclusion; digital platforms; leadership empathy and understanding; safety and well-being; the human need to feel connected and close despite distance and distancing: these things were critical long before any pandemic and will always be the hallmarks of what employees want and deserve from their companies and each other.

Let’s pause to gather and share our experiences, insights, pain and pride of all we went through and all we accomplished, the lessons we learned and our rediscovered passion for delivering an employee experience and a workplace culture that informs, involves and inspires.

Inspire:Atlanta is a unique gathering designed to help us all continue our transition from what was to what we had to do to get by to what we now ought to be doing.

  • Whether your passion is Internal Comms, Employee Experience, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Culture Improvement, or Workplace Wellness, we want to hear from you
  • Whether you work in Internal Comms, HR, Culture Improvement, Employee Engagement, Sales, IT, Production, Finance, or the Boardroom, we want you to share your experience and insights and learn from others just like you
  • Whether you’re a one-person department or you lead a team of 50, whether you work for a small company or a global brand, you have a home in this community as long as you want to inspire change in the world of work

Inspire:Atlanta is not just a community for you. It’s a community by you. Together, let’s make this unique moment matter as we inform, involve and inspire our employees and our companies.

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