Inspire:Cities is the local arm of the global movement from Inspiring Workplaces. Our mission is to change the world, with you, through the world of work. One workplace, city and community at a time.

Central to Inspire:Cities is you….. and a unique human-centred event for an intimate audience to help create people-first cultures.

The events replicate how we believe workplaces should be, by actively listening, being inclusive, giving people a voice & making it more human. No distractions, no fear, just a focus on storytelling and action.

In the new (post-pandemic) world where hybrid working will be more prominent, the need to connect with likeminded peers and professionals will be paramount. Inspire:Cities will deliver that connection, insight and inspiration to create people-first organizations.

Whilst connecting locally, you will also be part of the free global Inspiring Workplaces movement. You will receive access to all the free IW content, news, interviews, eBooks and events. A win/win.

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Inspire:Cities is targeted at any business owner or professional that has a passion for creating people-first organizations. You could have a focus on wellbeing, experience, HR, brand, internal comms, diversity etc. The common denominator is the desire to improve your workplace and its performance.

    • Do you want to make your organization live and breathe a people-first culture?
    • Do you want to collaborate and learn from your peers in an inclusive environment?
    • Do you want to build bonds within your local professional community?
    • Do you want to belong to a global movement but have impact locally?
    • Do you want to be inspired by one another, by our stories, our successes, our failures?

If you have answered yes to just one of those questions, Inspire:Cities is for you. Find your city now.

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Our Chief Inspiration Officers

Russell Robinson
Inspire: DC

Kelly Swingler
Inspire: London

Shea Heaver
Inspire: Miami

Jason Anthoine
Inspire: Atlanta

Ira Ozer
Inspire: NYC

Karin Volo
Inspire: Stockholm

Jonathan Goodman
Inspire: San Francisco

Kim Seeling Smith
Inspire: Sydney

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