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Welcome to the Inspiring Workplaces Awards. The awards that recognize forward-thinking and people-first organizations. Originally, we were The Employee Engagement Awards, we have since evolved into Inspiring Workplaces.

There is one (six-part) case study based entry form. The category you choose is wholly dependent on the size of your organization. All entries will be judged by an expert panel of independent judges.

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Why Enter?

There a is a long list of benefits of entering the Inspiring Workplaces Awards*

  • Demonstrate to your organization you put people first
    • Retain the best people
  • Demonstrate to the outside world you are an Inspiring Workplace
    • Help to attract the best people
  • Competitive business advantage – Customers are savvy and now know there is a higher chance of a better CX from an Inspiring Workplace
    • Less churn
    • More new customers
  • Recognizing your team’s hard work
  • Opportunity to win a unique and iconic trophy
  • Along with logos to market internally/externally 
  • Opportunity to share your story and inspire others
  • Published case study
  • Opportunity to speak at our global events
    • In-person and virtual
    • Provided with a copy of the recorded content
  • Opportunity to be a guest on podcast

*brand new badges arriving for 2023 winners

Past Winners & Finalists

Key Dates and Fees


December 14, 2022
£300 ex VAT

Entry deadline

February 22, 2023
£350 ex VAT

Finalists announced

March 16, 2023

Gala Dinner

May 11, 2023

Which category is for me?

Choosing your category is simple. Just choose based upon the size of your organization.

We will then publish the top Inspiring Workplaces from each category. As well as, an overall list (that encompasses all categories) for your region.

This category applies to all businesses and organisations from 0 – 49 employees.


This category applies to all businesses and organisations from 50 – 499 employees.

This category applies to all businesses and organisations from 500 – 4999 employees.

This category applies to all businesses and organisations from 5000 employees or more.

This category applies to all businesses listed as non-profit or charity organisations.

This category applies to all businesses listed as government or public sector organisations.

How to enter?

There is ONE, 6-part entry form. These 6-parts cover the facets we believe create an Inspiring Workplace.

We know that every single organization that enters will be strong in some areas and weaker in others. Don’t let that stop you from entering, as judges take this into consideration.

For more detail, download the entry pack here.

1. Culture & Purpose

2. Leadership

3. Wellbeing

What is the purpose of your organization and how does it feed into your culture?

Why are we asking? 

People are driven by a purpose and want to be fulfilled. This is more apparent post-pandemic than ever before.

To understand what the purpose, goals and strategy of your organization are and how your people demonstrate this is imperative.

What judges are looking for?

Clear communication of purpose and how it is lived and breathed within the organization to the positive impact on the business and people. Evidence of how your organizational purpose is intertwined with everything you do across every level.

How do your leaders Inspire?

Why are we asking? 

Inspirational leadership is the key to high performance. Value driven, authentic and honest leadership will unlock talent and create an inspiring culture throughout the organization.

What judges are looking for?

Examples of inspiring leadership and the impact this has on both people and business success. A clear focus on continuous development of your leaders.

How do you focus on your people’s wellbeing?

Why are we asking? 

The overall wellbeing of your people is paramount to individual and organizational performance. In our eyes, wellbeing encompasses the mental, financial and the physical aspects. It shows you care for the person that works for you. They’re not just a number.

What judges are looking for?

Evidence that your wellbeing strategy positively impacts your people – from health to performance. Initiatives, statistics and stories of how your focus on wellbeing has delivered individual and company happiness and performance.

4. Inclusion

5. Communication

6. Experience

How inclusive is your culture? 

Why are we asking? 

An inspiring workplace requires a truly inclusive culture; where people can bring their true selves to work in a psychologically safe environment and perform at their best.

What judges are looking for?

An understanding of your Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategies. Evidence of the impact your efforts have made on individuals and the organization. Your goals and achievements in creating an inclusive workplace.

How do you converse/communicate with your people?

Why are we asking? 

Effective two-way communication is essential in every part of our lives. Getting it right in the workplace increases trust, improves morale and enhances performance at every level. It also creates brand advocates for your organization externally too.

What judges are looking for?

Methods of how you communicate with your people, listen to their opinions, act upon their ideas and the impact this has on individual and organizational success.

How do you create an experience that empowers your people?

Why are we asking? 

It’s more important than ever to focus on the EX. To empower your people to do their best work, think creatively and be adaptable. Empowering others and ensuring everyone has a voice is critical to success.

What judges are looking for?

Examples of agility, flexibility, decision making and resourcefulness with your people and the impact this has on them and the wider business. Real world examples could be: remote working, tools you have given them to do their job, new work policies that provide autonomy. The development of management and leadership skills with a focus on empowerment of others.

Additional recognition: Best-in-Class Award

As you know the entry form is the same no matter the category.

As discussed, some areas will be stronger than others. If you are particularly proud of your work in one of the areas above, you can submit it to be acknowledged for a special Best-in-Class award e.g. Best-in-Class Wellbeing or Best-in-Class Culture…

Find out more within the entry pack.


Got queries, questions, want to know the key dates, rules or have doubts you’re ready to enter? We answer everything below.

If you can’t see your question, click here for the full list of FAQ’s.

When is the deadline?

What are the fees?

What if I’m only strong in one criteria?

The deadline for submissions is February 22, 2023 at 23:59:59.

£350 ex VAT standard | £300 ex VAT earlybird

You still have a chance of being named an Inspiring Workplace! We ask a range of questions to gauge how you treat your people as a whole and make sure you are taking the steps to create the best working environment possible. We know that you can’t be experts in all fields and don’t expect you to be and judges will take that into account with your scores. 

If you are particularly strong in one area don’t forget to enter for special recognition.

What is a special recognition award?

We aren’t good enough

We don’t have a lot of budget

We recognise you will be stronger in some areas than others. The special recognition award allows you to be entered for an additional award on your strongest criteria. All you have to do is check the box at the end to say you want to be entered!

We’re not just saying it to make you feel better but you really are good enough! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who have said this to us who have gone on to win. Being an Inspiring Workplace doesn’t mean having the biggest/ most expensive/ showy transformation. 

We recognise that the small stuff has a BIG impact. Judges just want to see that you genuinely care about your people and are making a difference.

We keep costs transparent and to a minimum. You pay once for your entry and get unlimited special recognition awards included in your entry fee. Don’t forget that if you enter early you get a discount.

EMEA – £350 ex VAT standard | £300 ex VAT earlybird
NA – $400 standard | $350 earlybird
AUS – $350 standard | $300 earlybird

We’re only small

We’re a non profit/ charity, can we enter?

What if we’re a global company?

Our awards are completely inclusive, and that’s why we have 5 categories to enter from small businesses of no more than 50 employees to enterprises of 5000+ employees. Judges will assess your entry accordingly. Size is not a barrier to being recognised as an Inspiring Workplace.

Absolutely. We have a category specifically for you! 

The work you reference in your entry needs to be in the region you are entering. E.g if your head office is in the UK but the work is in North America you should enter the North American awards. If the work (and results) were conducted globally or across regions, then you can use the same entry for the different regions as long as the work is applicable to each region. Each region is judged separately by a separate panel of independent judges.

Promoting your success

This is why we were originally founded. To recognise and celebrate your hard work. Your risk taking to drive the people experience for the improvement of your employees lives and the advancement of the business in tandem.

We would celebrate it in the following ways

  • Promoting it far and wide to our tens of thousands of followers on email and social media
  • Promoting via old and new media
  • Provide you with finalists and hopefully winners badges to be used internally and externally
  • An iconic trophy*
  • Giving you the opportunity to speak at our events
  • Publishing your case study
  • Interviewing you on our Podcast
  • and more!

*The overall winner in each category is provided with a trophy. There is option to purchase a trophy or trophies (at cost) for all other winners listed in each category.

The EMEA Inspiring Workplaces Gala 2022

2022 Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces

Please see more information on the Top 50 from 2022.

This Year’s Judges

David Ducheyne
Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Dance
Managing Director, The IW Academy
Inspiring Workplaces

Karin Volo
Chief Executive Officer

David Littlechild
Director, Employee Listening
London Stock Exchange Group

Scott McInnes
Founder and Director
Inspiring Change

Lucy Kemp
Founder | Employee experience and communications consultant
Let’s talk about EX

Dan Sodergren
Keynote & TedxTalk speaker on the future of work Expert & guest on national TV / radio and podcasts

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