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Forming Employee Resource Groups (or ERGs) can be crucial in supporting diversity in the workplace. By helping to bring awareness to key issues, helping to recruit diverse talent or providing new and innovative ideas, successful ERGs can enhance the employee experience.

Cameka Jackman shares her experience with Clorox’s Black ERG and how it has benefited black employees as well as impacted business goals.

From the Article:

Companies are looking to improve their inclusivity efforts, and employee resource groups are one way of doing so, particularly for Black employees.

ERGs and other programs enhance the employee experience by increasing engagement, providing a safe space and building a sense of community for people who share a specific cultural lens.

However, Black ERGs offer so much more than that, as I’ve found at Clorox. They’ve been proven to impact business goals, strategy and performance in positive ways.

For members, ERGs can elevate the voices of employees who may otherwise be overlooked. They can also provide employees the opportunity to get involved in different areas of the business, be it supporting innovation ideas from product development to marketing, or working on a specific company issue. And these experiences help ERG members build new skills.

You can read the article in full online: Why black ERGs are essential for businesses

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