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Aimee O'Leary

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David Zinger, Engagement Speaker, Educator, Consultant, and Coach, David Zinger Associates

In 2021, more than ever, we must learn a living. The past two years have witnessed an incredible shifting, twisting, and turning of work and we face more incoming waves and a tide of uncertainty.

To be an employee, ain’t what it used to be, and resignation, to what is, might not be so great.

All the changes from burnout in the ICU to languishing at home have highlighted the importance for us to seize personal responsibility and self-agency for our own engaging work.

We need education and learning to master the art of engagement navigation so that we don’t drown in a sea of demands and an ocean of uncertainty.

I suggest a curriculum of engaging navigation tools including:

  • Why to focus on work engagement rather than employee engagement
  • How to master the interplay of demands and resources,
  • How to design engaging days,
  • How to craft our job,
  • How to connect with others regardless of space or place,
  • How to manage setbacks and install daily progress in our work,
  • How to monitor and master both our energy and time,
  • How to make successful transitions in and out of work,
  • and, of course, how to laugh — because those who laugh, last!

I invite you to engage along with me because our best is yet to be.

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