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Technology has brought incredible change to the modern workplace – has made communication easier, increased productivity and has streamlined recruitment. But there is also a key role that technology can play in connecting the workplace across different generations.

In this article, Melissa Henley explores how organizations can use technology to bring employees closer from all different ages.

From the Article:

Workplaces across the country are adjusting to a new reality. Baby boomers and those who came before them, frequently called traditionalists, are remaining in the workforce for longer. Meanwhile, the first members of Generation Z, roughly defined as those born after the mid-1990s, are beginning their careers and will make up a large share of the labor market soon. Now that four — and in many cases, five — generations are working together, how will we all get along?

The answer to bringing these disparate generations together lies in the digital workplace. While it’s easy to assume “digital” excludes older generations, a true digital workplace enables employees to communicate across channels, however they prefer. And when it comes to dealing with employees of multiple generations, that’s key. You want to give each generation the tools to communicate in the manner they prefer, while bridging the divide by centralizing content so no one is left out.

You can read the article in full online: How Technology Can Help Bridge Generational Divides

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