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As we integrate technology into the workplace, we have seen a massive shift in how we work.

Although we have benefited greatly from technological advancements, making aspects of work such as communication, benefits and productivity more streamlined, we have to be aware of the potential issues we may face turning to more “intuitive” systems such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Beau Jackson highlights one potential issue in regards to AI and the potential for implicit discrimination in the workplace.

From the Article:

HR needs to have a seat at the table when it comes to employers’ use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, according to senior associate at Fieldfisher David Lorimer.

He warned that known biases in the way AI and algorithms are created could potentially lead to legal implications when employers apply them in the workplace.

AI is often used in automated recruitment practices and performance monitoring, but there could be a real risk of indirect discrimination if the right assessments are not made.

Yet the impartiality that a machine offers could be just the remedy to discrimination that employers are searching for.

You can read the article in full online: AI in the workplace is a diversity issue HR needs to take control of

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