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Date posted: 11th November 2021

11th November 2021

The Inspiring Workplaces Group announces revamped Inspiring Workplaces Awards & brand new Inspire Work Summits worldwide

The Inspiring Workplaces Group announces revamped  Inspiring Workplaces Awards & brand new Inspire Work Summits worldwide

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  • New streamlined entry process: one universal six-part entry form that encapsulates what creates an Inspiring Workplace
  • Independently judged by leading industry figures from brands such as: Ted Baker; Phillips; Harrods, UberEats and Netflix
  • Special recognition for areas such as: culture; wellbeing; leadership; experience; inclusivity and communications
  • In person Inspire Work Summits will take place in London, NYC and Sydney and be streamed live online

November 11, 2021: NYC & London – Today, The Inspiring Workplaces Group launches its revamped awards program and new global in-person conferences, The Inspire Work Summits.

Matt Manners, CEO of The Inspiring Workplaces Group commented, “To say the last two years have been challenging for workplaces is an overwhelming understatement. However, with change comes opportunity. Those that grab that opportunity move forward and gain a competitive advantage.

We have seen stigmas around mental health smashed, archaic behaviours such as presenteeism shown up for what they are and agility become essential for all not just start-ups. Our revamped awards and Inspire Work Summits have evolved with the world of work and we can’t wait to recognise these workplaces and feel the energy of hundreds of passionate like-minded professionals in a room again. All with the same purpose of changing the world through the world of work.”

An evolving awards program for an ever changing world of work

Originally founded as The Employee Engagement Awards and consisting of multiple categories recognising work across many disciplines, today that all changes. The new format splits the categories by organizational size:

  • Small Business (0-49)
  • Medium Business (50-499)
  • Large Business (500-4,999)
  • Enterprise (5,000+)
  • Non-Profit
  • Government/Public Sector

A single six-part entry form for all 

All categories will answer the same six-part entry form to make the process quicker and easier than ever before. The six questions encompass areas that IW believe to be critical to creating an Inspiring Workplace. They are:

  • Culture and purpose
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion
  • Communication
  • Employee experience

The entry form is transparent. Giving all entrants the reasons for the questions asked, what the judges will be looking for and the score allocated for each part of the form.

Furthermore, judging is undertaken by a fully independent panel of experts from all over the world.

Special recognition awards

Inspiring Workplaces recognises that no organisation will be world-class for all six topics and judges will assess entries with this in mind.

However, Inspiring Workplaces is launching special recognition awards for organisations that feel strong in one topic. The special recognition awards allow organisations to enter additional awards on their strongest criteria. Entrants can only submit for this recognition once completing the overall entry form. No additional work is required.

The Inspire Work Summit

Tickets are now available to book for The Inspire Work Summit 2022 in New York on June 22, and London on May 24. Sydney dates to be announced.

Originally The Employee Engagement Conference, The Inspire Work Summit 2022 brings together all the learnings, innovations and expertise from some of the biggest organisations across the globe. Attendees will hear case studies from award winning Inspiring Workplaces, as well as the latest, cutting edge insights from some of the leading thought leaders and experts in the field of employee experience, HR, wellbeing, culture, future of work and diversity and inclusion.

Benefits of attending

  • Learn from leading Inspiring Workplaces
  • Garner new ideas in an ever changing world of work
  • Meet new people in person after years of Zoom calls
  • Continue those new relationships online via the Inspiring Workplaces community
  • Meet vendors that can help accelerate your people strategy
  • Quite simply, this will be one of the best events of the year. We have had three years to plan it!


There are various opportunities for organizations to partner with Inspiring Workplaces. For more information please contact [email protected]


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Inspiring Workplaces is a community of professionals with the mission to change the world through the world of work. It is the result of the merger of the Employee Engagement Awards and the Employee Engagement Alliance. It is headquartered in the UK and operates in North America, Africa and Australasia.

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