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Date posted: 03rd September 2020

03rd September 2020

The Inspiring Leaders Awards open to recognize the best leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-political issues of 2020

The Inspiring Leaders Awards open to recognize the best leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-political issues of 2020

The Inspiring Leaders Awards open to recognize the best leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-political issues of 2020

  • Deadline for receiving entries is November 3, 2020.
  • Open globally to people who demonstrate leadership at any level, from the frontline to C-suite
  • Judged by independent leading industry figures
  • Global list of Inspiring Leaders to be announced in November

NYC – September 03, 2020 – The Inspiring Leaders Awards by Inspiring Workplaces, opens for entries today.

2020 has brought some of the most challenging socio-economic times people will ever face. And with them a real test of leadership. Inspiring Leaders 2020 is a vehicle to recognize people who have stepped up to help individuals, teams and organizations navigate personal and business challenges, and make a contribution to make their business, their community and the world a better place.

We believe these leaders – who can be at any level in an organisation – from the frontline to the C-suite – possess the characteristics below. We want the award submissions to shine a light on these qualities. They…

  • Are humane
    • They’re kind & grateful
    • They’re inclusive
    • They empathise
    • They’re authentic
  • Are courageous
    • They’re resilient & calm
    • They give people a sense of certainty and control
    • They make the abnormal seem normal
    • They’re forward thinking
  • Communicate
    • They communicate clearly, consistently and frequently
    • They’re transparent with facts
    • The give their people a voice
    • They listen and act on feedback
    • They foster collaboration
    • They lead by example
  • Unleash potential
    • They trust their people
    • They empower their people
    • They help people learn new skills
    • They build belief

Matt Manners, Founder & CEO, Inspiring Workplaces Group, says: “From the Covid-19 pandemic to the black lives matter protests that propelled conversations about anti-racism and racial equity, 2020 has forced organizations to make choices about their purpose and how they want to behave. It is during these times that Inspiring Leaders emerge. Leaders who exist throughout the organization and who strive to make life better for those around them.

Who do you know who inspired you with their leadership?”

Global entry and List of winners

Because our purpose is to change the world by improving the word of work, we hope we will receive entries from all around the world. We hope the winners will become role models in every country on the planet.


The Awards recognize that people can be inspired by colleagues all around them, right throughout the organization, which is why we have three categories for entry.

The categories are:

  1. C-SUITE
    This category is applicable to the most senior leaders, from CEO/Managing Director to VP/Director level.
    This category is applicable to middle level management between the C-suite and the frontline.
    This category is applicable to anybody not in the other two categories

You can enter online here


Our final independent judging panel will be confirmed later this month. The panel will review the entries from each country to establish the list of Inspiring Leaders across the three categories.

Key dates & Fees

  • November 03, 2020 – Entries close
  • November 10, 2020 – Winners Announced
  • Entry fees
    • Frontline – FREE
    • Manager – FREE
    • C-Suite – $125 – with $20 going to fund the Inspiring Workplaces Foundation

The InspirathonDecember 02, 2020

This will be our most ambitious event in our six-year history.We think the world, now more than ever, needs to be inspired with stories of positive change and humanity within the workplace.

This non-stop 24-hour virtual event will begin in Auckland (live streaming globally) at 8am before traversing the globe via Sydney, Singapore, Johannesburg, London, NYC and ending in San Francisco (3pm local time).

You will hear from 45 Inspiring Leaders, 30 thought leaders, network with thousands of peers, be entertained by at least five musical acts, be able to download all of it on-demand and contribute in a small way to our IW Foundation.

The Inspirathon is not to be missed. Register your interest here now.


There are some opportunities available for companies to sponsor the awards. For more information please contact [email protected].



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