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Date posted: 12th June 2024

12th June 2024

The Inaugural 2024 Inspiring Workplaces Winners Announced in Latin America

The Inaugural 2024 Inspiring Workplaces Winners Announced in Latin America
  • The Top 5 Inspiring Workplaces in 2024 include BCD Travel, Carta and Concentrix
  • World’s #1 Non-Survey based Awards Recognizing PeopleFirst Organizations
  • Winners and their rankings were announced at an online ceremony on June 12, 2024

São Paulo – June 12, 2024 – Inspiring Workplaces Group (IW) announced their Top 5 winners ofhe 2024 Latin American Inspiring Workplaces Awards – recognizing truly PeopleFirst organizations.

This year, Inspiring Workplaces, has become truly global by separating EMEA into three dedicated regions: Europe, Middle East & Africa, and UK & Ireland, as well as adding new regions: Asia and Latin America, alongside North America and Australasia. Winners in other regions were announced earlier this year. North America winners will be announced on June 18th in Chicago.

To ensure that the best-performing organizations were identified, Inspiring Workplaces upgraded the judging criteria for the 2024 Awards. Unlike other awards which rely on completing a survey, entrants to the Inspiring Workplace Awards were asked to provide proof of their investment in people by completing the entry form consisting of the six key elements IW believes are fundamental to creating a PeopleFirst culture, and by extension an Inspiring Workplace. They are:

  • Culture and Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion
  • Employee Voice
  • Employee Experience.

The changes to the entry criteria surfaced the incredible efforts some organizations are making to create a PeopleFirst culture. The quality of submissions this year has truly elevated the standard, marking it as the strongest ever witnessed. This reflects a significant commitment from business leaders to prioritize their people and reap the well-deserved rewards. Furthermore, it demonstrates the tangible, positive change occurring in workplaces worldwide that we have seen in entries to the Awards in other regions.

Each of the six key elements were also judged separately for special recognition in each discipline.

Organizations of all sizes and industries entered a category defined by how many people are within the business. The Top 5 winners were decided by an independent expert judging panel.

Matt Manners, Founder, The Inspiring Workplaces Group, commented: “Congratulations to the Top 5 Inspiring Workplaces across Latin America. As the world seems to be facing more widespread and serious challenges, it is more vital than ever for organizations (big and small) to put their people first. Fostering environments and cultures their people both believe in and want to belong to.

“Focusing on the personal development and caring for the people you employ will not only drive performance but protect the wellbeing of those individuals. Doing so companywide will lead to higher performing teams and enable your organization to outstrip the competition. Being PeopleFirst isn’t a nice to have, it’s a business imperative!

“Inspiring Workplaces is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary and we can’t be prouder to place these organizations in a gold standard for PeopleFirst culture. We would also like to thank and congratulate all our finalists this year, a tremendous success!’

The Latin American Top 5 Inspiring Workplaces in 2024 in ranking order:

#1 Concentrix
#2 PagerDuty
#3 Carta
#4 Everise Inc.
#5 BCD Travel

Best-in-class special recognition
Inspiring Workplaces understands that the efforts made by organizations will naturally be stronger in some areas than others. So, organizations had the opportunity to put themselves forward for special recognition in each of the six key elements of the award entry.

Below is the list of organizations that sought special recognition that scored highly enough to be considered best-in-class in these specific areas of creating a PeopleFirst organization.

Listed in alphabetical order:

Inspiring Culture and Purpose

  • Concentrix
  • Everise Inc.

Inspiring Leadership

  • Everise Inc.

Inspiring Wellbeing

  • Everise Inc.

Inspiring Inclusion

  • Concentrix
  • Everise Inc.

Inspiring Employee Voice

  • Everise Inc.

10th anniversary! 2025 Inspiring Workplaces Awards now open for entries
As part of the celebrations for its 10th anniversary, Inspiring Workplaces has already opened entry for its 2025 Awards in all regions of the world. 

If you would like your organisation to have the chance of being named an Inspiring Workplace in one or across all regions (North America, UK & Ireland, Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa, Latin America and Australasia), visit the 2025 Inspiring Workplaces Awards page, download the entry pack and start your entry.

The deadline is February 19, 2025.  

There are various opportunities for organisations to partner with Inspiring Workplaces. For more information, please contact [email protected] 

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