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Date posted: 01st December 2022

01st December 2022

Inspiring Leaders for 2022 announced

Inspiring Leaders for 2022 announced
  • The annual Inspiring Leaders winners announced by Inspiring Workplaces Group
  • 38 leaders across five continents recognised from the C-Suite to the frontline

NYC and London, December 1, 2022 – Inspiring Workplaces, the organisation with a mission to change the world by improving the world of work, announced today the winners of its 2022 Inspiring Leaders awards. The awards have recognized 38 people, at all levels in organizations across the globe, who were truly inspirational in 2022.

Inspiring Leaders was created during the Covid-19 pandemic to create a vehicle to recognize those people who have stepped up to help individuals, teams and organizations navigate personal and business challenges to create truly inspirational places to work. It has become more evident because of that period that we need inspiring leaders around us all the time.

Matt Manners, Founder & CEO, Inspiring Workplaces Group, says: “As we continuously slip from one global challenge to another, whether it be Covid or global recession, it is comforting that there are those individuals and organisations that are trying to positively change the world through the world of work. I know Elon Musk wouldn’t agree, but if you genuinely put people first, your organisation will enjoy sustained success.

I would recommend you read the individual stories of our Inspiring Leaders. Stories that show courage, humanity, empathy, fortitude and much more. From sharing a deeply personal story of coming out and therefore giving permission to others to be themselves, paying for colleagues’ medical bills when their insurance didn’t suffice, to just being there and listening. Thank you to all of them and everyone that puts their people first.

We are so excited to have created a vehicle to recognise individual excellence that can sit alongside The Inspiring Workplaces Awards which are open now for 2023 in North America, EMEA and Australasia.”

Inspiring Workplaces believes that leaders, who demonstrate the four essential qualities below, exist right throughout an organisation.

  • They are humane
    • They’re kind and show gratitude
    • They’re inclusive
    • They empathise
    • They’re authentic
  • They are courageous
    • They’re resilient and calm
    • They give people a sense of certainty and control
    • They make the abnormal seem normal
    • They’re forward thinking
  • They communicate
    • They communicate clearly, consistently and frequently
    • The enable people to use their voice
    • They listen and act on feedback
    • They foster collaboration
  • They unleash potential
    • They trust
    • They empower
    • They help people learn new skills
    • They build belief

Nominations for people who demonstrated these qualities were invited for the three different categories below:

  • C-Suite
  • Manager
  • Unsung Hero (frontline workers).

Congratulations to the Inspiring Leaders of 2022. Listed in alphabetical order:

  • Brett Ammon – Client Services Manager, GreenPath Financial Wellness
  • Aisha Barry – President of Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP)
  • Matt Baxter – CEO, Wedge
  • Larry Brinker Jr. – CEO, Brinker Group
  • Justin Burgess – Executive General Manager, Laminex Australia
  • Channelle Charest – Chief Growth Officer, Bitwise Industries
  • Wendy Dean – CEO and Founder, Strategi Solutions
  • David DeStefano – President and CEO, We Are Sharing Hope SC
  • Amy Dufrane – CEO, HRCI
  • Tim Ebenezer – Chief Operating Officer, FSP Consulting Services Ltd
  • Jennifer Engel – Chief Commercial Officer, Republic National Distributing Company
  • Claire Escobedo – Senior Digital Designer, Online Optimism
  • Lauro Garza – VP, Operational Safety, The Center for Health Care Services
  • Linda Gaspar – Purchaser, Radeus Labs, Inc
  • Hani Goldstein – Co-Founder & CEO, Snappy
  • Pete Grosse – Chief People Officer, FSP Consulting Services Ltd
  • Tom Guy – Managing Director, Etc. at BT
  • Carter Hopkins – CEO, Pursuit
  • Christy Hurford – Client Advocacy and Workforce Manager, GreenPath
  • Brendan P. Keegan – Chairperson, CEO & President, Merchants Fleet
  • John Kuyck – President and CEO, Merchant Lynx Services
  • Paul McCarthy – Chief People Officer, SevenRooms
  • Caitlin MacGregor – CEO & Co-founder, Plum
  • Léa Mascaro – Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist, Nexthink
  • René Morkos – CEO & Founder, ALICE Technologies
  • Adrian Morris – Executive Vice President of Engineering, Hughes Network Systems
  • Melissa Nims – Client Services Manager, GreenPath Financial Wellness
  • Sam Olmsted – New Orleans Managing Director, Online Optimism
  • Kiltesh Patel – CEO, tab32
  • Miklós Palencsár – CEO Mentors & Partners Group KFT
  • Celia Reynolds – Director of Operations, Lendlease
  • Jon Seibert and Mike Eden – CEO & CRO (Partners), Vision Solar
  • Eve Silveston-Maxey – PMO Lead, FSP Consulting Services Ltd
  • Laura Staples – Head of People and Performance, Laminex Australia
  • Melissa Swisher – Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Socrates AI
  • Debra Wade Carney – Director of Marketing, Crosschq
  • Don Wenner – CEO, DLP Capital
  • Shanita Williams – VP, People Experience, Southern New Hampshire University

Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces
The 2023 Inspiring Workplaces Awards is now open for entries across North America, EMEA and Australasia. If your organization is genuinely people-first, then enter now. The deadline is February 22, 2023.

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