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Date posted: 16th December 2020

16th December 2020

eBook: What will the workplace look like in 2021?

eBook: What will the workplace look like in 2021?

Welcome to our first book of annual predictions created by our Inspiring Workplaces movement. Thank you to all of our inspirers who contributed.

Despite all the challenges 2020 has thrown at us, we could be reassured by the themes presented in this book. They are themes we always needed to tackle. It’s just that some are now getting the focus they always desperately needed. In fact they would have probably continued to have been ignored if not for the pandemic.

The focus of a lot of the predictions could be covered off with a single word, humanity. We could drill deeper and say psychological safety. A cause we strive to further daily at Inspiring Workplaces. Whether at home or in the office, in person or on zoom, the ability to bring your true self to work each day. The ability to say when you are struggling with pressures (whatever they maybe) without fear of reprisal is absolutely vital to create a workplace culture that allows your people and businesses to thrive.

This book not only predicts but has also highlighted reoccurring issues such as:

  • How to deliver humanity in our leadership?
  • How to manage change and innovation with lack of control?
  • How to create inclusive cultures?
  • How to mange the overall wellbeing (in and out of work) of our people?

Rather than just highlight these predictions and issues, we would like to try to solve them. At the very least progress them with your help. So we will be holding exclusive session to work through them and present solutions. If you would like to be invited to these sessions in 2021, please apply here.

We hope you find this book of value, that it sparks your own ideas or gives you reassurance that areas you want to focus on in 2021 are supported by professionals in our movement too.

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eBook: What will the workplace look like in 2021?

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