Got queries, questions, want to know the key dates, rules or have doubts you’re ready to enter? We answer everything below

What if I’m only strong in one Criteria?

What is a special recognition award?

What if we haven’t finished yet?

You still have a chance of being named an Inspiring Workplace! We ask a range of questions to gauge how you treat your people as a whole and make sure you are taking the steps to create the best working environment possible. We know that you can’t be experts in all fields and don’t expect you to be and judges will take that into account with your scores. 

If you are particularly strong in one area don’t forget to enter for special recognition.

We recognise you will be stronger in some areas than others. The special recognition award allows you to be entered for an additional award on your strongest criteria. All you have to do is check the box at the end to say you want to be entered!

Are you ever really finished when it comes to building the best workplace you can be? We don’t think so! You don’t have to be at the end of a project to be recognised as an inspiring workplace. 

If you’re taking strong steps to improve the lives of your people and are making a difference you’re in with a chance of winning even if you haven’t reached the finish line.

We aren’t good enough

We don’t have a lot of budget

We’re only small

We’re not just saying it to make you feel better but you really are! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who have said this to us who have gone on to win. Being an Inspiring Workplace doesn’t mean having the biggest/ most expensive/ showy transformation. 

We recognise that the small stuff has a BIG impact. Judges just want to see that you genuinely care about your people and are making a difference.

We keep costs transparent and to a minimum. You pay once for your entry and get unlimited special recognition awards included in your entry fee. Don’t forget that if you enter early you get a discount.

EMEA – £350 ex VAT standard | £300 ex VAT earlybird
NA – $400 standard | $350 earlybird
AUS – AUD$350 standard | AUD$300 earlybird

Our awards are completely inclusive, and that’s why we have 5 categories to enter from small businesses of no more than 50 employees to enterprises of 5000+ employees. Judges will assess your entry accordingly. Size is not a barrier to being recognised as an Inspiring Workplace.

We’re a non profit/ charity, can we enter?

What if we’re a global company?

When is the deadline?

Absolutely. We have a category specifically for you! 

The work you reference in your entry needs to be in the region you are entering. E.g if your head office is in the UK but the work is in North America you should enter the North American awards. If the work (and results) were conducted globally or across regions, then you can use the same entry for the different regions as long as the work is applicable to each region. Each region is judged separately by a separate panel of independent judges.

The deadline for all regions is February 22, 2023 at 23:59:59 local time.

What are the fees?

When do I find out I’ve won?

EMEA – £350 ex VAT standard | £300 ex VAT earlybird
NA – $400 standard | $350 earlybird
AUS – AUD$350 standard | AUD$300 earlybird

EMEA winners will be announced at the EMEA Gala on May 10, 2023.

North American winners will be announced and the North America Awards Celebration on June 7, 2023.

Australasia Awards Gala – July TBD

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