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Perry Timms

Inspiring people about work is probably harder than ever due to our connected world, higher standards of living in many parts of the world and the resulting heightening of expectations.

However, there’s one thing that transcends all of those considerations: Worth. Not how much is an enterprise worth, but the worth we feel in the work we do. If you work in health and social care, it’s often obvious what your worth is, but what about all those other jobs we do?

Solving a problem is that worth. Whether that’s making a choice on a roll of wallpaper, a sandwich, a pair of jeans or a game for a toddler. If we can help someone make a choice, feel good about parting with their hard-earned cash for something that solves a problem of theirs. That’s not conflating purpose – that’s remembering that the work you do has value to someone and helps you feel that sense of worth. There’s nothing more soul-destroying than realising what you do has no worth.

Which is why the work we do at PTHR focuses on people feeling fulfilled by their work, that they flourish as people in doing so and about the value they can create for others. It’s not just for founders and leaders to build something that others feel the worth in, but creating something that does good for others that people will feel worthy by being part of.

Therefore to inspire people in an ever-changing world of work, keep questioning ‘what is the worth of what people do and how do they feel that?’ The rest, in our experience, tends to take care of itself once we have the answer to that question.

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