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Aimee O'Leary

Individuals want an enjoyable experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle, and organizations are prioritizing the employee experience by investing in tactics to maintain a highly engaged and productive workforce. However, designing a powerful experience isn’t just part of a to-do list for HR. It is the impact that the organization has on their employees.

In order to truly understand the employee experience, HR and People leaders need to collect employee and performance feedback to understand the moments that matter to individuals at the organization, and identify the key stages in the employee journey to focus on: from onboarding, engagement, development, performance, to exit.

During this webinar, Culture Amp’s Senior People Scientist Charlotte Burt will discuss how engagement and performance impact the overall employee experience, and why it matters. You will learn:

– A true definition of the employee experience
– Key drivers of the employee journey – understanding what matters
– How employee engagement and performance are measures of the employee experience
– How to create a Culture First employee experience

Speaker: Charlotte Burt, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp


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