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Aimee O'Leary

Can AI Automation really increase revenue and productivity?

The new employee experience is the “digital” employee experience, with technology playing a vital role in supporting employees in the moments that matter. But, with an avg of 288 apps per employee in an enterprise company, creating a unified experience is harder than ever. Businesses will face a new challenge in light of an impending recession and HR will need to show quantifiable metrics for these program investments.

Watch the on demand webinar to learn how enterprise companies, like Kimberly-Clark and Ciena, have utilized AI automation to consolidate the digital employee experience in addition to increasing revenue and productivity with specific success metrics.

  • Understand how SaaS waste affects your bottom line today and how to eliminate this fruitless spend in the future.
  • Learn how digital employee experience can be streamlined through a personalized digital assistant.
  • See how reducing 80% of your Tier 0 tickets with automation in the first 3 months will increase revenue and efficiency long term.
  • Create seamless workflows across all of your distinct platforms by connecting it all with one conversational virtual assistant.
  • and more!

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