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The on-boarding process for all new employees can be a daunting one. Trying to find your way in a new organisation can be a tough task without a clear line of development and easy first steps.

In this article, Virginia Backaitis, highlights the importance of mentorship and how top inspiring workplaces have innovated their mentoring programs.

From the Article:

Gone are the days when getting a mentor involved walking up to someone whose career you admired and popping the question, “Will you be my mentor?” Sure, some mentor-mentee relationships still start that way, but an increasing number of employers are providing career guidance and job-related and situational advice via company-sponsored mentorship programs.

According to the American Society for Training and Development more than 71% of Fortune 500 companies (paywall) have formal mentorship programs. Great as that might sound, only 37% of workers claim to have a mentor according to an Olivet Nazarene University survey.

You can read the article in full online: How Mentoring Programs Encourage Employee Engagement

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