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Stefan Worburton

This content was taken from our latest eBook: ‘The Future of Work: Insights from our global Engagement 101 Influencers’. 

Gethin Nadin

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It’s obvious that the world of work will change drastically over the next 20 years. Automation will replace many of the effort-driven manual jobs, no more so than driving. Automated vehicles could be on the roads as early as 2021 according to the UK Government. But even this in itself brings new opportunities. What is being referred to as the ‘mobility on demand’ market (like Uber, Lyft, ZipCar etc) is expected to hit $200bn by 2024. This was a market that didn’t exist just over 10 years ago. But what I think automation does is open up opportunities for roles where employees can be more innovative and creative.

A great example of where we’ve seen this happen is in film and television. The significant changes in how we watch media has created a brand-new industry pioneered by the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Apple. This new digital tv and film industry will be worth more than $100bn by 2022. A $64bn increase in just 5 years. With this rapid growth comes opportunities for people in an industry that is brand new to us all.

The total number of people economically supported by film and tv in the US has increased to around 2.1 million. In the UK, the industry has increased by almost 10% and is now the second-largest contributor to the 2017 0.5% increase in GDP. Production spend on Film in and TV in 2018 reached £3.1bn. Last year also saw the highest recorded cinema admissions to date.

The world needs consumers that buy. They can only do that when they have jobs, so we have a vested interest in society to make sure we are educating children with the new skills required for this new world of work, but also ensuring we are giving our existing employees the opportunity to retrain to ensure their employability continues.

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This content was taken from our latest eBook: ‘The Future of Work: Insights from our global Engagement 101 Influencers’. To download the eBook in full. simply click here.

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