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Strong and effective leadership is crucial, now more than ever. As we move forward from the Covid-19 pandemic, new traits are needed for effective leadership such as added autonomy for employees as well as new innovative approaches to training.

In this article, Winston Ibrahim, highlights the 6 key traits needed for leaders as we move into the future of work.

From the Article:

Looking at the coronavirus crisis today, I believe the United States will go through a short period of transformation. For a few years, we will have better disciplines as a country. Policies will be a little more progressive. Companies will be more flexible and transparent. Consumers will spend less on “wants” and more on “needs.” We’ll have learned from our mistakes and make changes accordingly—but I wouldn’t bank on long-lasting change happening on its own.

History moves in cycles. And so if leaders today want to remain leaders tomorrow, and if influential people and companies want to remain relevant, there will need to be a very intentional focus on remaining committed to a longer-term point of view.

Future leaders won’t be able to just solve for the moment.

You can read the article in full online: 6 key traits leaders must develop for the future of work

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