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For today’s talk from our 6-week-long Summer Series: 25 minute daily talks, we had a session with Paul de Lusignan, Director, Bikes, Boats & Quads at Suzuki GB and Freddie Guilmard, Managing Director & Business Simplifier of the Red Thread Partnership.

What the evolving world of hybrid work means for communicators

The new world of work will need to integrate three employees working styles; Fully on-site, Fully remote, and Hybrid remote – on-site. What does this mean for communicators? Putting individual employees at the center of comms is more important than ever – because their personal experiences, concerns, issues will be different. We need to go beyond current multi-channel comms. We will need to deliver coordinated omnichannel communications tailored to each employee’s daily work experience and guided by data. We need to partner with HR and Executives to strengthen organizational culture for both existing and new employees in an environment that is experiencing rapid changes.

Alan spoke about:

  • How the mix of working styles is changing
  • What’s at stake and why communicators should care
  • How communication has changed from pre-pandemic
  • Examples of what comms could look like in a hybrid work environment
  • And more….

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