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Aimee O'Leary

Yesterday marked day 2 of our month-long Summer Series: 25 minute daily talks all throughout July. This session features Denise Reed Lamoreaux, Global Chief Diversity Officer, Atos (past North American award winner).

A few things Denise mentioned really stuck out for me:

  • Women receive far less specific performance feedback than men and the feedback is rarely tied to business goals
  • Research consistently shows that managers give men higher performance ratings than women even when their qualifications and behaviors are identical
  • Women’s performance reviews have 2.4 times as many references to team accomplishments rather than individual results compared to men
  • Women are interrupted 5 times more than men in meetings

But how do you remove this gender bias? Denise’s talk gave advice such as:

  • How to choose your words wisely – the words to use and the words to avoid
  • How to make sure you are giving specific, actional feedback
  • How to make sure feedback is equitable

If you’re interested in finding out what unconscious bias you hold Denise also mentioned the Project Implicit test by Harvard. You can take the tests here.

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