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This session was part of The Inspiring Workplaces Power hour series. A 7 part series of themed online sessions delivering key insights, inspiration, advice and knowledge from industry experts. 1 hour long virtual sessions to inject energy into your day.

Encouraging employee voice is not only vital for creating a positive work environment and improving morale but it also promotes innovation and creativity. By giving workers a say in the workplace, companies can foster a culture of trust and collaboration, leading to better business performance. 

The world has changed. We’re working differently, facing a new set of people issues, and with higher expectations from our customers and employees. We believe that makes a compelling case for rethinking the way we listen to our employees.

Attendees heard:

  • How to reinvent employee voice to make it fit the world we work in today
  • The importance of employee voice and listening as a foundational pillar of your employee experience and engagement strategy
  • An overview of  how to approach an employee listening strategy, different approaches and strategic choices and hear some lessons learnt from practice


Rashmi van de Loenhorst, Former Head of Employee Communications, Philips

Rashmi is a global communications leader, passionate about putting people at the heart of organizations and ensuring they are listened to and valued just as much as (in fact more!) than any other stakeholder group. This comes from a strong belief and lived experience that people are an organization’s most precious asset. 

Rashmi spoke about her experience of bringing a more organic approach to employee listening and engagement to life at Philips and some of the tensions and challenges leaders and employees face. As she says, ‘If you really want to know what your people think and want to include them in positive change, you have to be prepared to let go of control! It’s when the magic happens! That’s tough for leaders, but done well, it can lead to real engagement and much more lasting change.’

Dr. Dieter Veldsman, Co-Founder & Shareholder, Mindset Management

Dr. Dieter Veldsman is an organizational psychologist with a passion for HR and one of the founders and shareholders of Mindset Management. He is currently working with AIHR in the Netherlands as a thought leader.

Dr. Dieter Veldsman has over 15+ years of experience across the HR value chain and lifecycle, having worked for and consulted with various multi-national corporations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He has held the positions of CHRO, Organizational Effectiveness Executive, and Organizational Design and Development Principal.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences and industry panels on Strategic HR, Future of Work, and Organisational Development. He is passionate about the development of the profession and guest lectures at various institutions while also holding the position of SeniorResearch Associate at the University of Johannesburg. He has contributed to 40+ peer-reviewed articles, blogs and book chapters on theFuture of Work and HR, Organizational Development and Employee Experience.

Currently, Dr Dieter Veldsman forms part of the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) as an HR and OD Thought Leader working towards the continuous upskilling of 100 000 HR professionals by 2025. He is responsible for applied research, product development and engagement with our member community that spans more than 15 000 students across 140 countries and working with our clients to reposition their HR functions for the future.

David Bellamy, Founder & CEO, Harkn

David is the Founder and CEO of Harkn. This powerful real-time employee voice platform helps companies listen to their people by providing a safe way for everyone to share their feedback, opinions, ideas and issues. Harkn gives everyone an equal voice and a safe space to use it, providing meaningful and reliable insights about their people’s morale, motivation, and well-being. Before Harkn, David had a successful career as a management consultant. He is happily married to Liz and has three wonderful children (and a small, slightly crazy dog).  To meet with David and learn more about Harkn, visit


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