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Aimee O'Leary

This talk was part of The Workplace Inspiration. A 24 hour non-stop virtual journey through Australasia, Asia, EMEA and North America bringing exclusive insight, information and inspiration to inject into your workplace strategies.

Title of talk: Empathy in the Workplace

Region: Australasia

Key takeaways from this Workplace Inspirathon session are:

  • How empathy impacts success
  • Understanding what drives people
  • The four step process to build empathy

More about Daniel

Daniel Murray, not only shares our belief that Empathy is a key pillar of great leadership, but has proved that Empathy is a skill that can be learnt. Through studying psychology and neuroscience, Daniel developed a way to learn empathy – and now he helps leaders do the same. Like us, Daniel believes that if you can understand people, you can lead more effectively. You can marshal the collective power of an organisation – and with a bit of vision, you can change the world.

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