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From The Inspire Work Summit London 2022, Debi Marriott-Lavery, Group Executive Director at Places for People shared with us their case study for Inspiring Culture by making a difference and what makes the story behind them being announced Inspiring Workplaces Award Winners.

With bright red hair, a reputation for saying it how it is, and her unique sense of style, Debi smashes the corporate mould. And it’s this style that makes her so successful at connecting with people, inspiring and motivating them.

“It is said that a great culture starts with a vision and a purpose. If like Places for People, that vision and purpose is built on ‘helping to make a difference’ the foundations are already in place for creating that positive vibe in the workplace.

When you are an organisation that supports some of the most vulnerable people in society – be it homelessness, those fleeing domestic abuse or low-income households on the poverty line faced with a choice to eat or heat their homes – the culture of making a difference in the homes and communities where our customers live, becomes a vocation – because how could we as individuals not be compelled to want to support someone less fortunate or in real need of help?

There is always a place for making a difference in most aspects of life, and that in itself is hugely inspiring.

So who am I and how do I inspire others to thrive in the workplace? Motivate people when there’s pressure and challenge, ensure wellbeing, and really make a difference? And when does ‘styling-it-out’ really help too?

I’m Debi Marriott-Lavery and I’m passionate about finding creative ways to truly make a difference.”

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