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Aimee O'Leary

For today’s talk from our 6-week-long Summer Series: 25 minute daily talks, we had a session with Helen Bissett, Managing Director at H&H.

Can great IC be good for your health?

The role of communication in feeling good at work.

As we shift to a new world of hybrid working, employee wellbeing remains a key priority. Pre-pandemic, H&H researched the impact of good and poor internal communications, and in particular, its relationship with feelings of wellbeing.  In this presentation Helen shared some headlines from this illuminating research. The talk also explored possible reasons why IC is primarily viewed as a vessel to promote wellbeing initiatives, rather than a central pillar of the wellbeing strategy itself.

Helen spoke about:

  • Which emotions equate to performance, recovery, survival and burnout
  • How the quality of internal communications impacts emotions
  • The impact of the pandemic on mental health, working hours, stress and absences and how internal communications can make a difference
  • How organisations are focussing on the wrong initiatives that the research shows has the least impact on wellbeing
  • How internal communications can be a central pillar of your organisations wellbeing strategy
  • and more…

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