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Aimee O'Leary

Today marked day 11 of our month-long Summer Series: 25 minute daily talks all throughout July. This session features Melanie Small, Solutions Director TWM and Sarah Hobbs, Managing Director, Talent & Potential. Their talk uncovered career myths and explained how to build career activists.

Why is it important to address careers right now?

If  you’re trying to help your organisation thrive and survive during economic difficulties brought on by Covid-19, the importance of careers doesn’t go away. We need to keep great people in organisations and support them.

Career support = retention and loyalty

The Voluntary Leaders survey found that the top 4 reasons people leave their jobs are:

  1. 47% – Promotion
  2. 39% – More pay
  3. 39% Better development opportunities
  4. 32% Career change

3 of these reasons relate to careers.

Watch Melanie and Sarah’s talk to uncover career myths and get their top advice on supporting careers in your organisation.

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