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With the wake of the pandemic, the way we view leadership (from government to organizations) have been closely scrutinised. Observing how different leaders reacted during Covid-19 has revealed key lessons on how to improve leadership going forward.

In this article, Harry Kretchmer, highlights New Zealand as an example of effective leadership during the pandemic and highlights three key lessons that can be used by leaders in their organizations.

From the Article:

COVID-19 has provided us with many lessons in crisis management. Many of the most successful leaders and companies have demonstrated strong people skills, pivoting their organizations by supporting employees and listening to what customers want.

Many of these lessons could help future-proof organizations for the uncertain road ahead. Here are three of the most important:

  1. Lead with empathy and honesty
  2. Be agile
  3. Value your people

You can read the article in full online: 3 leadership lessons from the age of coronavirus

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