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Julie Ann Sulivan

Research has shown that when people feel inspired they are more loyal, productive and creative. This falls in line with a philosophy I have seen first-hand. Most people want to be acknowledged and feel they are valued. Here is one way to build this in your workforce.

In my own research, I found organizations that encouraged lifelong learning. In return, those who took advantage were asked to share what they had learned with their colleagues. What people chose ranged from social media hacks to playing an instrument. The later ended up in creating a company band. This sharing of ideas and excitement connects people in a multitude of ways and creates a more bonded team.

The most trusted and beloved leaders in an organization are the ones that sometimes see success in others that they may not see for themselves. A leader’s ability to create pathways for people to succeed beyond what they thought possible, is a characteristic that can be nurtured in both directions. That nurturing process takes a few key elements. One is to be encouraged to learn in your particular area of expertise AND as a human being. For years we were told to leave our personal lives at home. No one ever did, but now at least we understand the importance of nurturing growth in all aspects of an individual’s life. The opportunity and understanding of the importance of life-long learning set humans up for the challenges that meet them every day.

To be an inspiring leader you must live this philosophy which in turn allows you to be an aspirational partner for everyone in your organization.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Live this, make it possible for your workforce and success will follow.

This blog is a part of the IW Official Guide: World Mental Health Day Supporting the workplace during the pandemic & beyond. Download the full guide here.

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