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Staying home during the pandemic has forced organizations to revolutionize the way they work. Specifically, Covid-19 has made working from home essential. The question is: how do employees feel about this?

In this article, Joseph Folkman has gathered research on employees opinions of working from home.

From the Article:

I have been gathering data about the level of satisfaction people have while working at home. So far I have gathered reactions from a diverse sample of 312 people. In the data set, I have 32% male and 68% female respondents. People come from various functions, and 15% are top management, 22% senior leaders, 19% middle managers, 10% supervisors, and 32% individual contributors. The data comes from across the globe, but the majority is from the U.S. Here are a few observations from my initial data.

1. The majority of respondents like working from home. When asked if they enjoyed working from home, 82% agreed or strongly agreed. 60% said they feel less stressed working from home, and 66% thought that they were more productive working from home. The initial research on working from home done prior to the Pandemic found that productivity increased. But there have been concerns from some that productivity in the Pandemic may decline. Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford Economist, said in an interview, “The global work-from-home movement intended to maintain output and efficiency during the COVID-19 Pandemic could generate a worldwide productivity slump and threaten economic growth for many years.”

However, it is clear that many organizations are not in a big hurry to return to the office. A variety of different companies have announced that they will be working remotely well into 2021. If there is a productivity slump, many organizations have not recognized the decrease.

You can read the article in full online: Survey Shows How Employees Really Feel About Working From Home

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