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Alex Powell

This blog is a guest post by Alex Powell, Director of Client Culture and Engagement, Reward Gateway.

Highs and lows are normal for any team. The goal for any organization is to ensure that when employees are feeling distracted, or even disengaged while they weather a storm, they have what it takes to keep pushing forward. Sustained employee engagement is about finding the right balance and ensuring there are systems and tools in place for people to refuel and recharge while they’re on the journey.

Building bridges and creating connections is key to motivating hybrid workforces. From making achievements or certain teams more visible, to inviting employees to contribute to your company’s conversations, to taking the time to celebrate as a group – there are plenty of ways to embrace the positive moments along the way and increase company-wide collaboration.

In this blog post, gain six ideas to help your employees bounce back and stay motivated along the way. Read the full blog here.

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