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Aimee O'Leary

One of our Top 101 EE influencers, Dr. Russell Robinson sharing his views

Our colleague Aimee and her views

Protest and drive change with us

We strive to create a world of psychologically safe workplaces. We believe that the workplace can drive positive cultural and societal change from the inside out.

Right now (and for years to come), the conversation around anti-racism has been elevated by the murder of George Floyd. This needs all our attention.

The protests around the world have shown that by standing together and sharing our stories and/or support for one another we can make a big impact.

So we have found a way to bring that spirit to our community. A community of shared values and of people in positions to affect real change.

VoxPopMe captures your views easily but powerfully on video. Just click the link below and share how the events of the past two weeks made you feel?

Here are ideas of some of the things we’d love to hear from you:
How will you attempt to drive anti-racism in both your professional/personal life going forward?
Your thoughts & feelings
Any information you would like to share

Any questions you would like to ask the community

Share Your Thoughts with Us!

We understand for some it’s not easy or comfortable to share. It took us many attempts to express our views in an articulate way. But we hope you will, as our collective voice can make a huge impact across the world of work and society.

We will share some of your views on our site and via social to drive open dialogue, to inspire others and to show it’s safe to speak out.

We will be doing more to affect real change in the months/years ahead. Those announcements to follow.

Our colleague Stefan and his views

Our founder sharing his views

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