Inspiring Workplaces Summer Series ’22

Back by popular demand, The Inspiring Workplaces Summer Series ’22 is is a free two-week long virtual event of award-winning case studies – showcasing 2022 Inspiring Workplaces award winners.

With the aim of sharing insight, inspiring you and injecting a daily dose of energy into your routine. Giving you that spark to help deliver more for your people and organization.

Starting July 12 2022, till July 28 2022, at the same time and same place, we will have 30 minute virtual sessions for you to learn from and engage with. They will be made available On-Demand to our Inspirer movement.

So register now and mark the day and time in your calendar for a daily dose of Summer inspiration.

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As mentioned, The Summer Series Reboot will be streamed here at the same time every day for 1 month. These times are:

  • 8 am – San Francisco
  • 11 am – NYC
  • 4 pm – London
  • 5pm – Berlin
  • 12am – Singapore
  • We recommend downloads for our friends in Australasia

Week 1

12 July 2022

Creating a Culture of Healthy Feedback

Holly Tate | SVP of Growth | Leadr

According to Gallup, only 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them do better work. Why is that? Because many organizations don’t provide enough feedback or they provide feedback in unproductive ways.

Holly will share how to lead effective feedback conversations, create feedback loops through your organization, and cultivate a healthy culture where every team member is engaged and growing.

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13 July 2022

Case Study #1 Inspiring Workplace North America

Bob Selle | Chief People Officer | Ocean State Job Lot

Wellbeing  As A Business Strategy: Live my best life.

Wellness has clearly begun its transformation to well-being at work. There is no one size fits all approach that will tackle the complexity of one’s personal well-being. If anything good could have possibly come from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was that employers were jolted into understanding exactly why well-being is so important for their companies. Pre-pandemic, we would hear wellness described as a fluffy human resource program that cannot be measured or have real impact on health outcomes. Fast forward through the throes of a pandemic and now companies not only understand, but acknowledge well-being is an imperative and multi-faceted.

Today we realize the need to focus on the whole person if we want a healthy and productive workforce. Our businesses are all about people, and we are not successful unless they are successful. I am not sure about you, but I am more than excited to see where we go from here. Be well and live your best life.

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14 July 2022


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15 July 2022

Case Study #2 Inspiring Workplace North America

Charlie Judy | Chief People & Culture Officer | Intelligent Medical Objects

“The Power of the Nudge.” How to get your managers to move from leaning on enterprise programs, protocols, systems, and technologies to affect change to more successfully – and sustainably – transforming human behavior through small signals, suggestions, and influence.

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