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The Inspiring Workplaces Summer Series is a two-week long virtual event of award-winning case studies – showcasing 2023 Inspiring Workplaces award winners.

With the aim of sharing insight, inspiring you and injecting a daily dose of energy into your routine. Giving you that spark to help deliver more for your people and organization.

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Your Host

  • Matt Manners
    CEO and Founder
    Inspiring Workplaces

Week 1 Speakers

  • Clare Mohan
    Internal Communications Manager

  • Sudha Ranganathan
    Director of Product Marketing

    Sudha has 17+ years of experience at companies like P&G, Nielsen and PayPal. She is currently a Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn where her team helps employers across the world hire and develop strong talent. She is a trained coach who is passionate about codifying inner leadership and talent development skills to help leaders bring out the best in their teams.

  • Kristin Hancock
    VP, Community & Engagement

    Just a small town girl living in a fabulous world, Kristin is always looking for magic moments in the employee experience. Her 15+ years in corporate communications have given her a unique perspective on work, life, and how human connection improves both. 

    In 2020 Kristin revitalized the ICology brand, alongside its founder Chuck Gose, her partner in life and work. ICology is now a thriving community of internal communicators who are leading the change in our industry and transforming the future of work, one office at a time. 

    Kristin is a Canadian immigrant living in Indianapolis and learning how to America. When she’s not connecting communicators, she is probably handing out dog biscuits at her local animal shelter.

  • Chuck Gose
    Head of Community and Industry Insights

    I am a self-proclaimed Skyline Chili connoisseur and Duran Duran fan with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, corporate communications, and internal communications. My unrivaled passion and enthusiasm for the communications profession began early in my career at General Motors and Rolls-Royce, where I became fascinated by the positive impact internal communications can have on a company’s success.

    I am the founder of ICology, a resource dedicated to the internal communications profession. The network is all about starting the conversation about how communicators can do more. Can be more. And usually are more than they realize.

    I am the co-creator of the Periodic Table of Internal Communications and the co-author of “The Very Hungry Communicator.” I live in Indianapolis but stay true to my Buckeye roots. I attended Butler University and am a diehard Butler basketball fan. I also got to fly in a blimp once.

  • Josh Levine
    Culture Strategist | Author | Podcast Host

    There is only one sustainable competitive advantage in business today—company culture—and Josh Levine is on a mission to help organizations harness its power. As one of North America’s leading voices championing culture as a business tool, Levine is known for the unique perspective and style he brings to his book, his podcast, and his clients.

  • Lindsay Wolf Logsdon
    Culture Design Strategist and Human Resources Consultant

    Lindsay loves to dream big about the future of work. She’s led People Operations for some of the smartest companies out there—XPLANE, Ziba Design, Frog Design, Square, and most recently, hospitality startup LOGE Camps. A pundit for employee engagement and workplace culture, she’s driven modern HR practices across industries, from rocketship startups to the Fortune 100.

Week 1

  • 26th June

    Clare Mohan
    Internal Communications Manager

    Employee Value Propositions

    Keen to attract the brightest talent to your organisation – and hold onto the shining stars you already have? Maybe it’s time to supercharge your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

    From the Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting, over the past three years talent mobility has been a burning hot-topic. Join us for this thought-provoking session and discover practical ways to enhance your EVP – including a look at how the art of selling a home could teach us some invaluable tricks about getting talent through the front door of your organisation.

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  • 27th June

    Sudha Ranganathan
    Director of Product Marketing

    The 4G Manager – Helping your teams Glow, Grow, Get Things Done and Go their own way

    We all know the profound impact that managers have on employee engagement and retention. But there’s a million different theories on what makes great managers great. In this session, Sudha distills lessons from multiple sources and shares a simple 4G framework that managers can leverage to bring out the best in their teams.

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  • 28th June

    Kristin Hancock
    VP, Community & Engagement

    Chuck Gose
    Head of Community and Industry Insights

    Community Over Competition: the state of connection at work

    Always ready for a hot take, Kristin Hancock and Chuck Gose are bringing their thoughts, predictions, and commentary on the state of community when it comes to internal communications and the workplaces we serve. How much responsibility do we hold for building and fostering community at work and what does that entail? We’ll explore how our professional networks can support us and how we can channel that energy into our 9-5 lives.

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  • 29th June

    Josh Levine
    Culture Strategist | Author | Podcast Host

    Lindsay Wolf Logsdon
    Culture Design Strategist and Human Resources Consultant

    Remote Work is a Red Herring

    There continues to be much ado about when and where employees should be allowed to work. However, hidden beneath this conversational froth is a more productive and instructive lesson: the future of how we’ll work. Regardless if your team is adopting a hybrid approach, keeping everyone remote, or tinkering with a 4-day workweek, leaders should pay close attention to the emerging experience principles and workplace practices behind these headline-grabbing trends.

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Week 2 Speakers

  • Gamiel Yafai
    Founder & CEO
    Diversity Marketplace

  • Ally Bunin
    VP HR Innovation, Teammate Comms & Recognition
    Advocate Health

    Ally has nearly 25 years of experience leading internal communications and employee recognition programs for large matrixed organizations across healthcare, finance and professional services. She currently leads teammate communications and recognition for Advocate Health – one of the largest US nonprofit healthcare systems with 150,000 teammates across six states. Prior she led global internal communications for Russell Reynolds Associates and spent nearly a decade at Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare employer, among other roles.

  • Jenni Fields
    Business Communications Strategist

    Taking chaos out of organisations | Business Communications Strategist | Author | International Speaker | Award-winning podcaster | Chartered Practitioner | Certified Company Director

    Jenni helps organisations go from chaos to calm by taking them through The Field Model. As a Business Communication Strategist, Jenni works with organisations to help them understand how to get teams to work together better and operations to work more efficiently. Jenni is an international speaker and author of Influential Internal Communication that was published in April 2021.

  • Trudy Lewis
    Communications Consultant / Executive Coach

    Helping leaders and professionals to have more impact and influence as they work, lead and live. Leadership coach | Consultant | Podcaster | Speaker | Strategic communications | Director Colinear

    Trudy helps leaders, professionals and their teams to develop influence and create impact by using a blended approach of executive coaching and communication consulting. Trudy specialises in leadership, strategic communication, purpose, engagement and change and has developed a framework called EDGE to unlock people’s potential, and effectively connect and engage as they lead at work. She is also an international speaker and presenter, whose goal is to enable people to confidently take their leadership to the next level.

  • Advita Patel
    Business Internal Communication and Inclusion Strategist

    Business Internal Communications & Inclusion Strategist doing things differently| Director of CommsRebel | Co-Founder A Leader Like Me and CalmEdgedRebels | EDI advocate | Internal Comms| Podcaster| Coach | Author

    Advita supports organisations by helping them cultivate an inclusive culture, through effective communications, so all colleagues can thrive in their work. As a qualified confidence coach and mentor Advita works with teams and individuals to help them build their confidence, personal brand, raise their leadership visibility and manage their inner critic. Advita is also the co-founder of A Leader Like Me and the author of the newly published book, ‘Building a Culture of Inclusivity’.

  • Marcel Schwantes
    Global Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

    Marcel Schwantes is an international speaker, author, executive coach, and syndicated columnist, attracting over 2 million readers monthly to his thought leadership. Marcel speaks passionately about the human side of business and how cultures of care, connection, and belonging power companies to thrive and outperform the competition. Visit Marcel’s website:

Week 2

  • 3rd July

    Gamiel Yafai
    Founder & CEO
    Diversity Marketplace

    Towards Conscious Inclusion

    Insight into how the DE&I landscape is changing and what we can do to speed up the process.

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  • 4th July

    Jenni Fields, Trudy Lewis & Advita Patel
    aka The Calm Edged Rebels 

    Time to Refocus

    Bring together themes from their latest podcast season and The Calm Edged Rebels cover on our one-day Coaching Retreats in London. Over the last few weeks they have all been talking about that feeling of overwhelm, how we keep going and the need to stop and refocus to push forwards with our goals. It’s easy to get lost in the noise. The session will be in the format of a mini podcast episode where Jenni, Trudy and Advita will introduce the topic, have an unscripted conversation and will share advice when we answer questions from the audience.

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  • 5th July


  • 6th July

    Marcel Schwantes
    Global Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

    The Six Building Blocks of a High-Performing Organization

    Discover the evidence-based Servant Leadership practices resulting in a positive, engaging, high-performing organization. Leaders will walk away with a practical framework to help design the best work environment for their people to flourish.

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Week 3 Speakers

  • Jill Katz
    Founder Chief CandorCourageAndCare™ Officer
    Assemble HR

    Jill Katz is an Influencer, Speaker and Strategy Coach that is passionate about shifting the workplace to be more #PeopleFocused. She is the Founder and Chief Candor, Courage & Care Officer of Assemble HR, a Talent Strategy & Communications firm that focuses Culture, Communication, Conflict, and Change in the workplace.

    Jill brings candid insights, brave questions, humor and empathy to her advisory practice. She is a seasoned human capital expert, facilitator, and executive coach with more than 20 years of success in the fashion, retail, digital technology, media, and banking industries. Jill is best known for her #CandorCourageAndCare™ Feedback Model, which changes the way teams communicate, and allows for more honest and productive relationships.

  • Melody Wilding
    Best-selling Author, Award-Winning Executive Coach & Speaker 


    Melody Wilding, LMSW is the best-selling author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. Named one of Business Insider’s Most Innovative Coaches for her groundbreaking work on “Sensitive Strivers”, her clients include CEOs, C-level executives, and managers at top Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and JP Morgan, among others. Melody has been featured in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Psychology Today, and Forbes. Melody is a licensed social worker with a masters from Columbia University and a professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College. Learn more at

  • David Kasperson
    Co-Author, Trust & Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others

    David P. Kasperson has been building high-trust partnerships and innovative solutions for clients of FranklinCovey’s Global Trust Practice for more than 15 years. Most of that time has been spent in collaboration with Stephen M. R. Covey, managing his speaking business, and custom client solutions as the Director of Business Development. An expert on trust, he has served clients via consulting, coaching, program design, and keynote speaking in more than twenty countries. He is co-author of the bestseller, Trust & Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others.

  • Craig Forman
    CEO / Founder of CultureC Consulting (Formerly Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp)

    For well over a decade Craig’s work has been driven by a singular professional purpose: to help the world work better by improving the places we work. Working for and learning from some of the most highly successful and human-focused organizations to help companies build healthy, effective workplace cultures.

    Craig spent six of these years as the Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp where he helped to build one of the most influential and impactful organizations in the people and culture space.

  • Roslyn Fordyce
    Internal Communications Manager

  • James Cotsen
    Account Executive

Week 3

  • 10th July

    Jill Katz
    Founder Chief CandorCourageAndCare™ Officer
    Assemble HR

    How I had to lose it all to gain back my life 

    The story of a “corporate success” who risked it all to take a risk, be a mom, and put health first. A weight-loss journey of 77lbs.

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  • 11th July

    Melody Wilding
    Best-selling Author, Award-Winning Executive Coach & Speaker 

    Rethinking The Quiet Power of Highly Sensitive People

    In a work world dominated by increasing incivility, the need for sensitive leaders has never been greater. Yet all too often, we equate sensitivity with weakness, fragility, and emotional instability. In this talk, Melody Wilding, LMSW will discuss why it’s time we start embracing highly sensitive people and how we can value the attributes and skills they bring to workplaces. 

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  • 12th July

    David Kasperson
    Co-Author, Trust & Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others

    The Future of Leadership: From Command & Control to Trust & Inspire

    Our world has changed, but our approach to leadership has not kept pace. Even leaders and organizations focused on inspiration tend to revert back to the “command & control” approach that seems the only option for results. Strategies systematically rely on varying forms of motivation, micromanagement and compliance to drive performance—and employees aren’t having it. People are creative, collaborative, and filled with potential, but today are over-managed and under-led. To draw out performance at the highest level, Trust & Inspire leaders bring out the best in others, and get their very best in return. They do it on purpose, as a matter of course. In this session, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, David Kasperson, will share the framework and process for unleashing greatness in others, and in ourselves.

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  • 13th July

    Craig Forman, James Cotsen, Roslyn Fordyce

    Inspiring Culture – How to create workplaces people truly believe in and belong to

    Employees who feel a strong sense of belonging are twice as likely to be engaged, productive, and satisfied. This Power Hour will dive into what organizational culture truly means in today’s hybrid world. And will examine whether employees’ expectations have shifted post-pandemic.

    We will share H&H’s proprietary research, which uncovers the current trends and misnomers about organizational culture as well as Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) research that shows creating conditions for belonging has an immediate and lasting effect.

    Attend the session to learn how to shape and communicate a culture their employees can believe in – regardless of geography or working style as well as a tactical and practical perspective on how to ensure that every employee feels welcomed, known, included, supported, and connected.

  • 14th July

    Ally Bunin
    VP HR Innovation, Teammate Comms & Recognition
    Advocate Health

    MIXternal Communications – your internal message is no longer internal

    Mixternal communications embraces the concept that internal communications are no longer internal – what’s internal is usually external (and thanks to social media, internal messages often go external before employees hear about it!). Every employee is a consumer and a community member therefore, your messaging must reach them in relevant ways they prefer. This makes channel strategy critical. Whether it’s the message, channel or tone of voice, a mixternal communications approach breeds consistency, which ultimately strengthens brand integrity and trust.