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Summer series Virtual

Summer Series ’23

  • June 26 to July 12, 2023 BST
  • Online Livestream
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The Inspiring Workplaces Summer Series ’23 is is a free two-week long virtual event of award-winning case studies – showcasing 2023 Inspiring Workplaces award winners.

With the aim of sharing insight, inspiring you and injecting a daily dose of energy into your routine. Giving you that spark to help deliver more for your people and organization.

Starting June 26 2023, till July 12 2023, at the same time and same place, we will have 30 minute virtual sessions for you to learn from and engage with. They will be made available On-Demand to our Inspirer movement.

So register now and mark the day and time in your calendar for a daily dose of Summer inspiration.

Week 1

26th June

Zoe Roberts
Internal Communications Consultant

Employee Value Propositions

27th June

Sudha Ranganathan
Director of Product Marketing

The 4G Manager – Helping your teams Glow, Grow, Get Things Done and Go their own way

We all know the profound impact that managers have on employee engagement and retention. But there’s a million different theories on what makes great managers great. In this session, Sudha distills lessons from multiple sources and shares a simple 4G framework that managers can leverage to bring out the best in their teams.

28th June

Kristin Hancock
VP, Community & Engagement

Chuck Gose
Head of Community and Industry Insights

Community Over Competition: the state of connection at work

Always ready for a hot take, Kristin Hancock and Chuck Gose are bringing their thoughts, predictions, and commentary on the state of community when it comes to internal communications and the workplaces we serve. How much responsibility do we hold for building and fostering community at work and what does that entail? We’ll explore how our professional networks can support us and how we can channel that energy into our 9-5 lives.

29th June

Josh Levine
Culture Strategist | Author | Podcast Host

Lindsay Wolf Logsdon
Culture Design Strategist and Human Resources Consultant

Remote Work is a Red Herring

There continues to be much ado about when and where employees should be allowed to work. However, hidden beneath this conversational froth is a more productive and instructive lesson: the future of how we’ll work. Regardless if your team is adopting a hybrid approach, keeping everyone remote, or tinkering with a 4-day workweek, leaders should pay close attention to the emerging experience principles and workplace practices behind these headline-grabbing trends.

30th June

Matt Manners
CEO and Founder
Inspiring Workplaces

Insights from Inspiring Workplace

Week 2

3rd July

Gamiel Yafai
Founder & CEO
Diversity Marketplace

4th July

Jenni Fields, Trudy Lewis & Advita Patel
aka The Calm Edged Rebels 

5th July

Ally Bunin
Global Communications Lead
Russell Reynolds Associates

6th July

Marcel Schwantes
Global Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

The Six Building Blocks of a High-Performing Organization

Discover the evidence-based Servant Leadership practices resulting in a positive, engaging, high-performing organization. Leaders will walk away with a practical framework to help design the best work environment for their people to flourish.

Week 3

10th July

Jill Katz
Founder Chief CandorCourageAndCare™ Officer
Assemble HR

How I had to lose it all to gain back my life 

The story of a “corporate success” who risked it all to take a risk, be a mom, and put health first. A weight-loss journey of 77lbs.

11th July

Melody Wilding
Best-selling Author, Award-Winning Executive Coach & Speaker 

Rethinking The Quiet Power of Highly Sensitive People

In a work world dominated by increasing incivility, the need for sensitive leaders has never been greater. Yet all too often, we equate sensitivity with weakness, fragility, and emotional instability. In this talk, Melody Wilding, LMSW will discuss why it’s time we start embracing highly sensitive people and how we can value the attributes and skills they bring to workplaces.

12th July

David Kasperson
Co-Author, Trust & Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others

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The times are as follows:

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Every day we will then make each session On-Demand too.

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