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Summer series Virtual

Summer Series 2.0

  • June 1 to July 14, 2021 GMT
  • Online Livestream

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Back by popular demand, The Inspiring Workplaces Summer Series 2.0 is a free month long event of case studies and influencer talks – breaking the monotony of our lockdown routine into daily bitesize chunks.

From June 1 2021, till July 8, 2021, at the same time and same place, we will be putting on an award winning case study or inspiring influencer talks for you to view, engage with and learn from.

The speakers will bounce back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean each day. Inspirers will be able to engage with them during the live stream or download the content afterwards. So mark the day and time in your calendar for a daily dose of summer inspiration.

On the day of the event:
You have to have booked on to the event ahead of time.

To view the daily live stream, you will also need to be logged in as Inspirer. Once booked and logged in, the live stream will appear daily at the top of the page.

The times are as follows:

  • 8 am – San Francisco
  • 11 am – NYC
  • 4 pm – London
  • 5pm – Berlin
  • 12am – Singapore
  • We recommend downloads for our friends in Australasia

Every day we will then make each session On-Demand too.

You can ask questions and leave comments during the presentation in the chat window below the live stream too.

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